Mark Forster: Confessions of Alcohol Abuse on “The Voice” | Entertainment

Mark Forster: Confessions of Alcohol Abuse on "The Voice" |  Entertainment

“I was too drunk” ,

Confessions of Alcohol on “The Voice”

This performance brought back memories…

Candidate James Boyle (54) caused a déj vu at the seventh blind audition for “The Voice of Germany” on Thursday evening. Coach Mark Forster (39) had already seen Saarbrücken’s piercer on stage, but he was not quite so calm at the time.

Boyle may also sound familiar to some TV viewers, as tattoo fans are already “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Ki was sitting in the guessing chair and even starred in “Tatorte”. Now he wants to debut as a singer, he was accompanied by his wife and daughter at the casting show.

James Boyle convinces Forster and Ree Garvey

Photo: ProSieben/sat.1/Andre Kowalski

Before the performance, the jack-of-all-trades revealed: “Music has long been my great passion. It’s always been for me.” He performs regularly with his band. Boyle warmed up to the coaches with the classic “Fever” and was really well received for his crackling voice. Ree Garvey (49) and Mark Forster hit the barges and saw the talent in their team.

Mark in his hymn of praise: “I thought it was awesome! Your voice is so unique.” He also liked the look of the candidate. “You probably look like me on season 37 of ‘The Voice of Germany’ or something,” the singer joked. But the two had more in common.

Forster went to school in Winnweiler, which is very close to Boyle’s hometown of Saarbrücken. The musicians also met once. James told Mark, “I used to play at your school when you were there.” When he revealed the name of his band, Forster’s money fell. In 1998, his school had a big party in which James and his boys were in the lead roles.

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Mark Forster was able to confirm: “I was at the concert!” How much attention he received from the performance at the time, however, remained open. Because the coach admitted with a grin: “I was relatively drunk.” Reunion – even more amazing. Ree Garvey’s voice reminded Boyle of blues icon Tom Waits (72).

As a mentor, however, James had someone else in mind and would have preferred to go to Peter Maffee (73). Only the music legend did not buzz. In the end, Mark Forster could celebrate, for which team the beacon finally decided.

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