Melted Glacier Reveals 1968 Crashed Plane | news

Melted Glacier Reveals 1968 Crashed Plane |  news

Three killed in rubble ,

Molten glacier reveals plane crashed in 1968

The Aletsch Glacier is considered the largest and longest glacier in the Alps. Now their ice cream has uncovered a long-hidden secret.

According to Swiss media reports, mountain guide Dominic Nellon found parts of a small plane. It is now clear that these are pieces of the machine that crashed 54 years ago.

The story of the wreck: On June 30, 1968, three Swiss men – a teacher, a chief physician and their son – were traveling with Piper Cherokee when they crashed south of the Jungfraujoch (Bernese Alps). The bodies were recovered at that time. There was simply no equipment to bring down the widely scattered aircraft parts down the valley.

Mountain guide Dominic Nealan found the wreck, while hut wardens Stephen Gaffner and Rebecca Gresh visited the crash site and took great photos.

Photo: Konkordiahuette via Facebook

The single-engined machine fell into oblivion – until Dominic Neelon found the pieces on Tuesday (August 2). “From afar, I first thought it was two backpacks,” the 38-year-old told “Blick.”

With his group of six, the mountain guide took a closer look and eventually came across the rubble. “We found a glass case, a wet cap, and different parts of the plane such as the seat and wings,” says Nelan.

The discovery was due to pure coincidence. “I usually take a different route. Also, the plane was hidden under a glacial moraine,” says Swiss.

Presumably parts of the cap were found by Dominic Nelan in the ice of the Aletsch Glacier.

Presumably parts of the cap were found by Dominic Nelan in the ice of the Aletsch Glacier.

Photo: Konkordiahuette via Facebook

On Friday, Stephen Gaffner and Rebecca Gresh, wardens of both Concordia Hut, reached the spot and photographed the debris. It was not clear at the time which plane had crashed. Wallace Cantonal Police eventually brought clarity, as they were able to hand over the wreckage to Piper Cherokee, registered as HB-OYL. There are plans to dispose of the remaining parts.

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It is not yet clear whether the investigation will be launched. Similarly, whether the propeller plane crashed at this point or was carried by a glacier over the course of 54 years.

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