Sold for a six-figure sum: separated from the banky wall in Nottingham

Sold for a six-figure sum: separated from the banky wall in Nottingham

Sold for a six-digit amount
Banky broke away from the wall in Nottingham

An actual Banksy has clutched the wall of a house in Nottingham, UK since October 2020 – until this morning. The graffiti has since disappeared, sold for a six-figure sum. Well-known street artists should not do this, but the buyer sees himself as a keeper of the art.

In Nottingham, a work by street artist Banksy was sold to the owner of a gallery and tore out the wall of a house. A photo of a girl using a bicycle tube as a hula hoop, which only appeared in October last year, is a BBC report According to experts, this morning it was removed as a tile from the wall of a residential building. The place was initially temporarily sealed and work was moved away.

Gallery owner John Brandler told the BBC that he had paid a six-figure sum for the work and wanted to protect it and display it soon. Under a plastic cover similar to Nottingham, according to Brandler, the picture will mold and be damaged in the long run. Hence he sees himself more, which protects the work of art from decay and defenses purchase against criticism. The city’s “big and good”, local newspaper “The Nottingham Post” quoted the gallery owner as not taking the opportunity to keep the work of art in Nottingham. Brandler had previously acquired another banky plant and removed it from its original location in a garage.

Banky’s mural is now being moved to a museum in Bury St Edmunds. According to Brandler, it will remain there for a “few years” after a special exhibition between May and September. When asked why the art work did not live in Nottingham, the gallery owner replied: “Because no one asked me.” However, if one feels that “there is a room then why not Nottingham,” Brandler said.

Banky against commercialization of art

According to the newspaper report, the homeowners want to donate the proceeds from the sale. Until now, the artist’s attitude towards the sale of his work is unclear. In the past, Banksy has repeatedly spoken out against the commercialization of art and its presentation in museums and galleries – and has already demonstrated his stance in an impressive manner, as at an auction in October 2018: One in Sotheby’s After buying “Girl with Ballon” for more than a million pounds Hammer had fallen, the famous figure was destroyed by a shredder hidden in the frame before the eyes of terrified onlookers in the auction room.

Banky’s fans comment under a Post the image on his Instagram page His displeasure with the sale and motif is now disappearing from the cityscape of Nottingham. With a post on his Instagram page, the Bristol-born artist, whose identity is unknown, has confirmed to be the author of the art work that has appeared in the past.

A spokeswoman for the Nottingham Project, an initiative to rejuvenate the UK city, commented on the sale in a newspaper article: “While we respect that it was a personal decision by the homeowner, we put it to great shame Believes that the city has lost its banky. ” We hope that this does not prevent the artist from coming back. “

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