Meng’s release solved a major problem in bilateral

Meng's release solved a major problem in bilateral

According to the statements of the representatives of the two countries, the bilateral relations between China and Canada are on a good track. China’s Deputy Trade Minister Wang Xuwen called on Canada to take action against protectionism.

On Wednesday, Chinese and Canadian officials were positive about the prospects of bilateral ties after nearly three years of diplomatic tension. He said the biggest hurdle was cleared a few weeks ago after Meng Wanzhou returned safely to China.

At the 43rd Business Luncheon of the Canada-China Business Council (CCBC) in Beijing via video link on Wednesday, China’s Deputy Trade Minister Wang Xuwen said Meng’s return to China removed the biggest obstacle between China and Canada. However, this does not mean that bilateral relations will automatically resume.

“The relations between the countries should be based on mutual respect and benefit. We hope that the Canadian side will meet China halfway, eliminate interference and pursue a rational and pragmatic policy of dialogue,” said Wang, from Ottawa. “Creating the conditions for bringing bilateral relations back on track”.

Wang also called on the Canadian side to oppose protectionism and create a better environment for Chinese companies, including Huawei. Citing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Reuters reported on 29 September that Canada’s decision whether Huawei would be banned from building a 5G telecommunications network, as known to all other members, was known as the Five for Intelligence Sharing. Known as the Eyes Coalition, will likely be taken in. coming weeks.

In an interview with the Global Times during dinner on Wednesday, Dominic Barton, Canada’s ambassador to China, gave no further details on the impending decision, but said he was positive about bilateral relations following Meng’s release.

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“We should be happy that the main problem has been resolved, and that’s good,” Barton said, emphasizing that he was positive about the bilateral relationship, even though there were still disputes. He also quoted a Chinese poem to describe the relationship after the fall of Meng: “Here are high mountains, wild rivers and you can get lost, but in the shade of willow trees you can see bright flowers and villages on the horizon.” ” She called very formal and face-to-face interactions, “There are always mountains and rivers in a relationship, but always keep the bright side in mind as you go through all these issues.”

Wang also said that there was no historical entanglement or genuine conflict of interest between China and Canada, adding that a solid and stable relationship between China and Canada is in the common interest of both sides. Chinese investment in Canada has created nearly 30,000 jobs in the country and significantly boosted local economic growth and employment, while Huawei has hired 1,500 local R&D workers despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a 25 percent increase, Hence Wang.

Wang said economic and trade cooperation has always been the most active driving force between the two countries, which has proved to be very resilient even during the pandemic.

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