Mimi Fiedler called on Kathy Hummels because of Johannes B. reprimanded Kerner

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The German Television Awards were entered on 14 September. This led to a huge scandal that still makes waves today. Johannes B. Kerner made a silly comment about Kathy Hummels’ character, which caused Mimi Fiddler to get angry.

Berlin – repeatedly providing a topic of conversation among haters – her figure in particular is often discussed. Surprisingly, at the German TV Awards a lewd comment left Johannes B. Kerner’s lips. Mimi Fiedler specifically went against the grain and now she shares publicly against the moderators.

Johannes B. Kerner makes lewd comments about Kathy Hummels’ character

Kathy Hummels has been campaigning against body shaming for years. Together with sports icon Sophia Thiel, she keeps drawing attention to the topic on Instagram. At the German Television Awards, however, she faced body shaming again—but this time, surprisingly, by fellow presenter Johannes B. By Kerner, whose laudatory speech caused a real scandal.

Johannes B. Kerner (center) makes a silly comment about the character of Kathy Hummels (right) and triggers a tantrum in Mimi Fiddler (left) © IMAGO/Panama Pictures & Instagram/CathyHummels & Instagram/Mismmi

Mimi Fiedler announced this in a lengthy Instagram video: “Johannes B. Kerner has the idea of ​​a life of her own and urges her to move on, saying clearly: ‘… so that Kathy Hummels has something to eat. Meet’. He says cameras are running in front of 300 invited guests. He is saying that in the direction of a woman who is clearly not doing so well with his breakup. He humiliates her in front of everyone, “She gets upset.

Oscar scandal

it could have been worse. For example, at the Oscars in 2022, when Chris Rock received a slap in the face from Will Smith. Following this action, the “I, Robot” actor is banned from the Oscars for ten years.

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Mimi Fiedler called on Kathy Hummels because of Johannes B. reprimanded Kerner

This scene has not been explicitly broadcast. Still, Mimi Fiedler feels guilty for not protecting Kathy Hummels in this horrific attack: “I could stand up and say, ‘Shut up!’ I should have told him, ‘Shut up, Johannes!'” Mimi explains. Fortunately, there were no consequences, as Kerner eventually apologized for the silly saying.

Also a hot topic is Cathy and Matt’s separation. But now the time has come. Kathy Hummels makes split from BVB star public on Instagram, Sources used: rtl.de, instagram.com

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