Mono diet: what you need to know about the diet version

Mono diet: what you need to know about the diet version

What is a mono diet? What are mono diets and what should I pay attention to? We answer all these questions for you here.

Monodietane Captivating sound because of you Lose a lot of weight in a short time can do. But be careful! A mono diet port Some risk And therefore not always recommended. Here we make it clear Impact and loss This weight loss strategy.

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What is a mono diet?

The word “mono” makes this very clear. It comes from the Greek word “manos”, meaning “only” or “lonely”. As a result, when you go on a mono diet, you mainly eat a particular food. Other foods are not allowed at all or only in very small amounts.

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What are mono diets?

Examples of mono diets are e.g. Egg diet, fruit diet or rice diet. There are very strict mono diets and less strict variants. In the first case, you are really only allowed to eat a very specific meal. Also, only drinks such as water, tea or coffee are allowed. Tea should not be made sweet and coffee should be drunk only black.

In the case of less strict mono diets, foods other than the original food are allowed. Potato diet is a good example of this. Dishes are eaten here for five days at lunch and in the evening, mainly (but not only) potatoes.

You can find more information about potato diet here.

It works in a similar way Egg diet. Eggs are a very important part of the diet here, but they are not exclusively eaten.

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More information about egg diet is available here.

Benefits of a mono diet

This is possible using mono diet In the shortest time Relatively more to lose weight. The amount of calories – this especially applies to strict mono diets – is greatly reduced. So the pounds quickly fall.

Also, it is very easy to stick to the mono diet rules. If only one meal is eaten, great cooking is not required.

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Disadvantages of a mono diet

A major problem is that on the mono diet, your diet is very unilateral. As a result, it can easily happen that you do not get sufficient amounts of certain nutrients. Your body may become imbalanced. Especially one-sided mono-diet, in which you actually eat only one meal, so can Quickly become dangerous And the cause of deficiency symptoms.

In addition, rapid weight loss of the mono diet should be treated with caution. Anyone who deprives their bodies of important energy suppliers should expect to lose muscle. It should also be clear: if you lose weight very quickly and then eat normally again, it will let go Yo-yo effect Hello immediately.

It is therefore especially important not to forget that mono-diets are not suitable for long-term changes in diet. If anything, you should only go on a diet for a short time.

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