More than 96% of Apple users block Facebook tracking

Facebook’s dream of losing Apple users has come true as many people have not chosen consent to the tracking permission in iOS 14.5. Apple’s two-week transparency policy has badly affected Facebook and similar companies. This allows users to choose whether only 4% were selected in the US.

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Die social-networking-site facebook He has long advocated Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency Policy, which may reduce small businesses relying on targeted ads. This gives Apple users an upgrade to iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 which is an option not to track the apps they are using.

Appstore developers are forced to notify users for the permissions they want to access, such as: b. Websites, microphones, cookies, etc. While some apps require certain permissions to function, not everyone is limited by their needs. Facebook usually keeps track of more information about users, so they need it to understand them better.

It can be tempting at times When Sanket featured her on Instagram. Therefore, many will likely choose not to be present. And Apple gives them the tools to do so. IOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 have a toggle of settings to disable all permissions granted by apps, or the user can configure them individually.

And it turns out that it is bad or bad on Facebook. Flurry’s latest statsAccording to Verizon-owned analytics company, 96% of Apple users in the US have turned off Facebook app tracking! It did so within just two weeks of the iOS 14.5 launch.

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Although Facebook urges users to allow certain permissions Bullying practiceThat did not work. Worldwide the number of people opting for tracking is 12% which is still poor and may worsen.

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