Mountainbike-EM: Only EM gold matters to Miterwalner

Mountainbike-EM: Only EM gold matters to Miterwalner

Where he is after the transition is very difficult to say, but the training has been good. “I really wanted to come here, I want to do this race. And if things don’t go to my liking, I don’t put any mental pressure on myself for the World Cup. Then I have to accept that I’m sick. That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to compete at the front in the world championships. I have it in the back of my mind. I’m a leading man, if the head wants, anything goes,” she told APA. Said in an interview with.

There aren’t many mountains in Munich, so the route is accordingly, said Miterwallner with a laugh. “But he made the best of it and has two climbs.” In fact, the course reminds her of Novi Sad last year when she became European U23 champion. It will definitely be physically demanding, as you will always have to be on the gas. β€œIt feels like an extended short track, always pushed out from every corner. It is going to be a tough race. Of course, I would prefer it if the climb was a minute or two longer.”

The fact that the men already took part in their race on Friday on the 4.3km-long course at Olympic Park and it has been raining heavily since Thursday will have an impact on the subsoil. “It could be that tomorrow the track will be a battlefield.” According to the world ranking, Miterwalner starts at number three from the front row, the long, wide climb suitable for overtaking, but the second is not possible because of the narrow serpentine. Along the lines A and B, it’s important to decide whether to attack. “But mainly the start-finish area and the long climb will have to be left behind.”

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“I am happy when I am pushing myself to the limit”

In her first elite year, Miterwallner has already achieved three podium finishes at the World Cup, most recently in Canada, second only to Jolanda Neff from Switzerland. The promotion approved by the International Cycling Union (UCI) means that he will not be allowed to compete in any junior category in the future. “It was a big step for me to say that I’m not trying to defend my U23 world and European titles. But what motivates me is that I challenge myself. I’m not saying that.” I will start in U23 and win, the riders are also at a tremendous level. But elite is a different class and a bigger challenge.”

It was his decision and he is responsible for it. “From inside I knew that being under 23 wouldn’t make me happy. I’m only happy when I push myself to the limit and I get to work everything out on my own. It’s a completely different race for me. It’s never happened to me this year to run my own race like U23. There’s always someone behind you, in front of you, you always have to drive to the limit.”

Olympics start in 2024 is a big goal

So what should he have waited for? “Now I’m motivated, now I’m faster. I’m not interested in points that make it easier for me to get to the Olympic rankings in U23, I’m not interested in another title. Of course I want a title, but I’m going to take it.” I want to be on top. If I don’t make it to the Olympics in two years, then something will go wrong anyway. If my form continues, I will be in the Olympics, there is no question about it.” Corina Druml will also be debuting for Austria in Munich, but not Laura Steiger, who is not exempted for the initial switch from U23 to elite.

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