“My Bayern” column: without this player, FC Bayern cannot be imagined – FC Bayern Menchen

"My Bayern" column: without this player, FC Bayern cannot be imagined - FC Bayern Menchen

“My Bavaria” is the name of a column by Sport Bild reporter legend Raimund Hinko, which deals with the German record champion. Hinko has been with the Munich company for decades.

Dear Alfonso Davis,

You have already achieved a hell of a lot in your 21 year old. There’s only one thing you haven’t succeeded in doing, a heartfelt wish you’ve been denied – to hold on to Lionel Messi’s jersey.

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You, of all people, the fastest of all Bundesliga players at 36.51km/h, beat FC Barcelona 8-2 in the 2020 Champions League quarter-finals a few steps too late – Messi, not even one at exactly 32.5km/h The snail had fled to the cabin in panic with its desperation. And in a recent 3-0 Champions League group game at Barcelona, ​​Messi was missing again – this time far away at his new club Paris Saint-Germain.

Don’t cry, dear Alfonso, maybe a lot in the knockout rounds will bring you back together in the spring. And if that doesn’t work: You’re on your way to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar with Canada, and you’ve also recently shone as a goalscorer. In the World Cup, Messi will definitely return as the captain of Argentina. A little luck – and …

Let’s leave it. There are more important goals. We would rather talk about your Bavarian.

It is not difficult to answer what this team cannot live without. Goal Machine for Robert Lewandowski. As for Manuel Neuer, with whom I want to know what his greatest strengths are: sensational reflexes like his 2-1 win against Freiburg or his spirit when he has to go too far from his goal to shine in midfield. A sensational feel for the ball. There, even where unavoidable, in the engine room, Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka, scorers for 1–0, do heavy and filigree work.

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Of course, Kimmich, whoever it was, ran the most in the top game against Freiburg – it was a top game indeed – again with 13.56 kilometres. If Joshua stays less than 6 miles – and he experiences less challenge, Joshua will be at risk of a communication collapse. You are in second place with Alphonso mileage of 11.95 kms. It’s all the more valuable because you “only” run up and down the line, so you can’t use the full width of the field like Kimmich, ideal six.

I also claim that FC Bayern would be unthinkable without you. You are the lungs of the team and also one of three or four hearts. Because you play two positions at once. As a left-back and left-winger in one man, as Leroy Sane was allowed inside as a 10 of a kind, where he reeled down 9.76km in 84 minutes of play.

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However, you are completely painless, completely fearless. It doesn’t matter if you have two, three, four or five opponents in front of you. You want to play your way to the baseline. If the technique isn’t enough, you turn on the turbo driven by a desire to prepare the goal, as in 8:2 for Kimmich against Barcelona, ​​who was almost embarrassed, as he insisted, the precise back pass profane. Aim to push.

Of course, it can also go wrong at some point if the opponent counters in the gap when the ball is lost. Although you’re usually quick enough to drive off lost balls or fish them back with long legs, as if you had magnets on your feet. If not, it’s good if left-footer Lucas Hernandez can run to the left, fast Dayot Upamecano extinguishes the blazing fire at half-left and Niklas Sule, Benjamin Pavard or Josip Stanisic move a little inside from the right . I couldn’t believe my eyes to see which of Kimmich and you ran the most against Freiburg. In fact, Upamecano with 11.66 and Niklas Sule with 11.53 kilometres, with two defenders.

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You never get the feeling that you want to take it easy. Even at the risk of hurting himself. You are the least, Alfonso. Even if you bow down in pain, the very next moment you fall like an arrow. Bayern cannot afford an injured Alfonso Davies at the moment. Is there a good compliment?

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