“My Date, My Best Friend and I” – Foreign Flirt Confession in a New Dom Show

"My Date, My Best Friend and I" - Foreign Flirt Confession in a New Dom Show

This dating show wants to go unusually…

The new dome format “My Date, My Best Friend and I” from Saturn 1 debuted on Monday evening. Eight single women want to find love on Tenerife. Everyone supports their gay best friend. But initially not every participant played with an open card.

The first season trailer is already out: There’s definitely great drama here. So one candidate screamed out of the role entirely: “I’m gonna be scared!” And the tears rolled down over and over again. When we went inside everything was fine. The women arrived in double packs.

Blonde Colleen (25) and her best friend Gino (30) reveal: “Sometimes we men split.” Tattoo lover Sandy (33) had Pascal (29), who smiled: “I know him inside and out.” Meanwhile, single woman Maria (36) clarified: “I definitely want a baby.”

In a luxurious villa, the girls met the men of their dreams. Some of them are familiar faces: among others, “Bachelorette” winner Keno Rust (32) and Swiss bachelor Alan Way (34) seek to find their future after a love break.

But already in the evening when they had known each other, one of the eight gentlemen drove a two-way car in a very cheeky manner. Chef Sebastian (32), who was supposed to be duet with yoga teacher Joanna (30), had to go into confession before the first date.

Should Really Make a Couple: Sebastian and JoannaPhoto: © SAT.1 / Richard Hubner

The North Rhine-Westphalian flirted with candidate Colleen after a few glasses of wine. Joanna made a surprisingly sporty confession. His comment: “Honesty is the foundation of a healthy relationship.”

When it still refused to work on the tour, Sebastian docked with Colleen again and whistled: “I see a completely different attraction here, sexual too.”

Colleen and Sebastian

Colleen and SebastianPhoto: © SAT.1 / Richard Hubner

But others don’t always show their best behavior when flirting. Fitness trainer Kevin (23) boldly asked Gori Desi (28) how many men she had in the past six months. And “Bachelorette” winner Keno left his duet Colleen almost entirely on the left. There was still a lot of room for improvement.

Fortunately, the girls had their best gay friends to evaluate their experiences. For one pair, the dating show was timed out in the first episode. Candidate Sandy (33) and friend Pascal (29) were put on the exit list by others and had to leave the villa.

Apparently, the least spark was between the Austrian and the unmarried Bobby (33). The rest are allowed to continue flirting. But even with many TV viewers this spark is yet to be raised.

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