My ship Canada and North America Cruises (2021) cannot take place!

Neue Mein Schiff 1 kam heute das erste Mal in den Hamburger Hafen / © TUI Cruises

TUI Cruise faced a major problem after Canada announced another cruise ban.

Canada had already imposed a travel ban in 2020 by mid-2021. Now Canada has spoken again and in my opinion, the cruise ban was initially extended to the end of February 2022, relatively unnecessarily. You leave a back door open, but it takes away any plan security. It is also doubtful whether Canada deviates from its absolutely strict course. Canada also has vaccination problems similar to Germany, and cruises are seen as problematic there.

This puts the TUI Cruise under the pressure of the Mein Schiff and Hapag Lloyd Cruises brands. Because both brands should actually end for 2021 autumn cruises in North America and ports in Canada as well. The cruise ban applies to all cruise ships with more than 100 passengers. He must somehow still work for Hapag Lloyd Cruise, but not for Mein Schiff at all. Amera is also influenced by Ms Hamburg and Phoenix Reisen from Plantas.

Planned trips can no longer be represented as such, it begins with a trans trip from Hamburg to New York or Beyoncé and continues through the entire autumn season in which Mein Schiff 1 must contact ports in Canada Was. Blue voyages are also not possible, as entry into Canadian waters is already prohibited by regulation.

TUI Cruise has not yet contacted us, but it would certainly give some thought. Of course there is a small possibility that Canada will decide again, but shipping companies as well as guests need to plan for security. As long as there is a cruise restriction, you will certainly not receive any support from the ports you wish to contact. You will also have to prepare provisions and all logistics for the weather in North America. It is not any easier.

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You can also find Mein Schiff’s travel report in Canada here:

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