Myanmar: Military junta releases journalists of dpa news agency

Myanmar: Military junta releases journalists of dpa news agency

About two months ago, entered the army Myanmar Took power with a coup. The revolts against the junta are brutally suppressed. The situation is also dangerous for journalists reporting from the crisis area. A Polish journalist, Robert Bociaga, who works for the dpa news agency, is now at large again. He was arrested two weeks ago by the army.

“We are relieved”

“We are very relieved that Robert Bociaga will soon be free with his family,” said DPA-ED-in-Chief Sven Gossman. Also, he warned that the situation is very dangerous for journalists and the entire population in Myanmar. »We appeal to the transitional government to respect freedom of press and human rights. «The world and the dpa will continue to watch closely what is happening in Myanmar,« said Gösmann.

Bogaga flew from the airport in the largest city on Thursday Yangon In the direction of Poland, where it is scheduled to land on Friday after several stops. The 30-year-old man was arrested by soldiers on March 11 in Taongyi, the capital of Shan State. At the time, Bogaga reported about the protests against the army from the area.

The case created an international outcry. Among other things, Reporters Without Borders called for the immediate release of socialists and all other media persons arrested in Myanmar on social media.

Since then, security forces in the country have been working seriously not only against protesters, but also against journalists, activists and politicians. Many local journalists have already been arrested, and the new military leadership withdrew their licenses from important media companies.

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According to estimates by the prisoners’ aid organization AAPP, more than 2,900 people have been arrested so far. More than 280 were killed, AAPP tweeted on Thursday. Foreigners have until now been considered relatively safe. Astonishingly 600 detainees were released on Wednesday. Most of them were students.

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