NASA: Rocket engines successfully tested for new lunar program

NASA: Rocket engines successfully tested for new lunar program

US Space Agency NASA Successfully tested the rocket’s engine for its new “Artemis” lunar program. All four engines of the new Space Launch System (SLS) were tested at the Stennis Space Center in the state on Thursday. Mississippi Ignited at the same time, NASA announced. The test ignition lasted eight minutes and generated a maximum of 7.1 million newtons as planned.

During a test in January, the missile had its main stage in the RS-25 engine. Does not work as intended. The test ignition ceased after one minute. According to NASA, “no major repairs” were necessary on the rocket.

Relief was large after a successful trial at the control center on Thursday. NASA engineer Bill Wrobel said, “The team played applause at how it is feeling at the moment.” The mood is very good right now.

For the first time since 1972, NASA wants to kill astronauts with giant SLS rockets and Orion space capsules mouth bring. The “Artemis 1” mission is scheduled to begin later this year as a test flight to the moon. Initially without a crew, he goes to the moon and then revolves Earth to return. Astronauts are to orbit the Moon in 2023 with “Artemis 2”. Only “Artemis 3” will actually land on Earth’s satellite with astronauts in 2024.

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