Nathalie Volk posted a picture of herself and Taimur

Nathalie Volk posted a picture of herself and Taimur


October 29, 2021 – 8:47 pm Watch

Nathalie Volk confused with posting

just had each other Nathalie Volk and her Timur Akbulut engaged – now the former couple have gone their separate ways. More surprising is a post by the former “GNTM” model, who calls herself “Miranda Di Grande” on Instagram: it shows an old photo of her and Taimur – no posting text, comment function displayed. what does this mean?

Model called from hospital

It was revealed on Thursday that Nathalie Volk has removed all photos with Taimur from her Instagram page. A took care of it Esoteric proverb in her story to the rumors about the end of love. Soon after, RTL came to know about the actual separation of the two.. And it came as a surprise: In early September, the model had actually only announced an engagement. “I love his heart, his soul, his character,” she enthused in an RTL interview in September.

Fans should have been amazed not only at the sudden end of the relationship: German time posted early Friday morning A photo of Nathalie that apparently shows her in a hospital in New York. The 24-year-old told RTL on Friday: “I’m in the hospital with heart problems at the momentBecause I am suffering from a broken heart. I have been having severe chest pain for a few months now, but I am being released today.”

“It was a good time, but it continues”

The model is currently in New York to pursue her acting career. Now Nathalie Volk is once again causing confusion with her current post. In the photo you can see how she looks at Taimur, with her hands around her.

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What is she trying to say? reconciliation? RTL asked. “It was a good time, but it continues,” says RTL reporter Sebastian Tuse. Plus, she posts an English quote: “Only gentlemen are really strong” – is this a sign of aloofness type? For now, she keeps to herself what she sees inside her. (rla/ste)

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