National Assembly election in France: Macron soon without majority?

National Assembly election in France: Macron soon without majority?

IEmmanuel Macron may have imagined his second term differently. Re-elected as president in late April, it will only be decided in two rounds of parliamentary elections next Sunday whether he can “rule” for the next five years. According to the latest surveys, this is anything but certain. Macron’s party is in danger of losing its absolute majority in the National Assembly. The left-wing populist coalition, on the other hand, has recently received voter support. Jean-Luc Melenchon, He has also managed to unite the socialists, communists and the Greens behind him and wants to be prime minister.

So economic reform projects are on the verge. Macron wants to raise the retirement age from 62 to 65, while Melenchon and his coalition want to lower it to 60 after 40 years of work. Macron believes that on the path to climate neutrality, energy consumption should be reduced and the share of renewable energy in the energy mix should increase, but nuclear power should also play an important role here. The Left, on the other hand, wants to exit nuclear power and is demanding 100 percent renewables. Macron announced that he intends to get both projects, pension reform and “major ecological planning projects” off the ground “by this summer”. With a left-wing prime minister, however, it is likely to be difficult – whether he is named after Mélénchon, who is close to him, or even if Elizabeth Bourne, who is loyal to Macron, would have remained prime minister. But they have to make many compromises. without an absolute majority in parliament.

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