“Natural Talent” Tim Stutzl – German Ice Hockey Before Historic NHL Draft – Ice Hockey

"Natural Talent" Tim Stutzl - German Ice Hockey Before Historic NHL Draft - Ice Hockey

They do not quite agree in North America. How do you pronounce this name? For months, NHL reporters have a wide range of options. What should Tim Stutzle not matter to himself. He is happy to be a constant subject. On TV and radio, in podcasts and on Youtube, blogs and newspapers. He is analyzed and interviewed there. He has also spoken to all professional clubs in the NHL, as is customary before the draft. She is the last “Very stressful” The 18-year-old says. But it ranks as Europe’s greatest ice hockey talent.

Second in draft?

Stutzle will hear his name again on the night of Wednesday (October 7, 2020). In the NHL draft, the annual distribution of talent among 31 teams in the elite leagues, this may have been right in the beginning. Maybe as a second, from the Los Angeles Kings, where he will meet ex-national coach Marco Sturm. It would be historic: a German would never be given a higher format in American sports.

The record is held by Leon Drassitel, who finished third from Edmonton in 2014 and was named the Most Valuable NHL Player of the Year. At the moment, Stutzley is often compared to him. Both Rhinelander, both later with the young Eagles at Mannheim, both excel offensively.

Scout in every game

But when Dreissital moved to Canada at the age of 16 and played with junior players there for three seasons, Stutzley stayed at home, moving from Krefeld to Mannheim at the age of 15, where he joined the advertising professionals two years later . And according to his temperament, he was used as a playwright in the top line and the majority. In the end he was in 41 matches with a score of 34 points. “rookie of the Year” Of the German Ice Hockey League. Under the big eyes of NHL scouts. They came for every game.

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“The best I could do was decide to stay in Germany”, Says Stutzley, who had several offers from North American training teams. “But in the NHL you play against men and not against youth. I learned a lot in doubles.” He has done. and made “Sometimes things that other players are not prepared for”, Adler trainer Pavel Gross soon realized. The teammates were national players, champions, who had NHL experience.

“Excessive joke”

Elmer Schmitz was not surprised. He has been caring for youth at Krefeld EV 81 for years. There he met little Tim from neighboring Tönisvorst in the mid-2000s. His decision was made quickly: “natural talent.“Not just in terms of speed and technique, “Even at a very young age, he had an extreme sport, an understanding of the game, anticipation, confidence.” Stutzl always had to go against the elderly, “And he didn’t care. He later gave a no-look pass in DEL, and he would do the same in the NHL.”

Stutzl knows that there is a harsh climate on the small surface of the ice. He did not quarrel when he was a victim of the playoffs and the World Cup epidemic. He just kept training “It was good for me”, he said, “I added a few kilos”. To the delight of the national coach: “He has strengthened, but it has a positive impact on the speed of action on ice”, Tony Soderholm recently watched during a course.

A big day for German ice hockey?

At 1.84 meters, Stutzley now weighs 85 kg. Rococo for an 18-year-old, and still not used to be in the first NHL. Especially for someone who consistently appears with the puck in front of the opposing goal. It can still hurt today, but ice hockey has changed. “There are not many people who are just two meters tall and only check”, White backing, “It suits me very well.”

Not just him. In addition to Stutzl, there are two other young DEL strikers who have recently received various calls from overseas: Lucas Reichel (Isbren Berlin) and JJ Peterka (Red Bull Munich). He also turned down North America’s proposals. At the age of 17, he also played important roles in DEL’s teams. He too can now be drafted in the first round. What further record “A great day for German ice hockey” National coach says. Especially at a time when it is not clear whether the next DEL season will happen. It takes another day.

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However, it does not work as originally planned. Not picked up as a huge show in Montreal, Canada. Due to the epidemic, the draft is only growing electronically. Stutzl, Reichel and Peterka take it easy. Then they just give some interviews on the Internet.

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