Pharmacy Reviews, Immune System, How to Strengthen Your Defense, Gütsel Online

Pharmacy Reviews, Immune System, How to Strengthen Your Defense, Gütsel Online

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Bairbrun (OTS)

A finely balanced system of immune cells and messengers ensures that we are not immune to pathogens. What can we do for our immune system?

Our body is constantly under attack from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens which we usually thank our body for defenses. A finely balanced system of cells, messengers and antibodies is responsible for defending against these threats. is our #Defense Stress – and what makes them stronger is shown by health magazine »#Apotheken Umschau«.

2 non-alcoholic days per week

Diseases – such as acquired immunodeficiency – make things harder for the immune system. #AIDSHI. Of #virus to be triggered. But poorly controlled diabetes or severe obesity also impairs the immune system. Smoking is also very harmful for the immune system. Tobacco toxins impair the ability of cells to defend themselves against pathogens. Doctors also recommend having at least 2 alcohol-free days per week to boost your immune system.

If you walk enough, you do great for your immune system. Some studies show beneficial effects of exercise on immune cells. Other studies show that regular physical activity reduces the risk of respiratory infections and even pneumonia. Vaccinations are also important: they bind to the immune system in a targeted manner against certain pathogens, such as influenza virus and coronavirus, and reduce the risk of severe cases.

always rest during the day

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Another positive factor for the body’s defenses is rest – for example, getting enough sleep. As studies have shown, it reduces the risk of colds and other infections. Frequent rest during the day is also recommended – as chronic stress weakens the immune system. A balanced diet is also important for the immune system. It contains lots of vegetables, if possible not red and only a little poultry, such as healthy fats. #Olive OilBaked goods made with wholemeal flour and as little as possible #Sugar,

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