Netflix: New VPN block affects regular users too

For years, Netflix has been trying to block users from using a virtual private network (VPN), which is not available in its own country due to pressure from rights holders to access content from other countries. VPN providers and Netflix are playing a game of cat and mouse which now affects even ordinary users.

IP restrictions affect regular users

More and more VPN providers have recently used regular IP addresses to hide their service from Netflix and enable users to access foreign Netflix libraries. Netflix recently tightened its action against this unauthorized access through VPNs by rights holders and blocked several IP addresses assigned to VPN providers. However, due to the practice of the VPN providers mentioned above, more regular, paying Netflix users who do not use a VPN but actually want to access Netflix via an IP address are now blocked as well. .

New IP required from internet provider

Users blocked by Netflix in this way can still access Netflix Originals and some other content, but most of the content is blocked and won’t even appear in the library. When trying to access it directly through a link, Netflix users receive a message that they are using a VPN, proxy, or “unblocker”. However, attempts by these users to access the blocked content via smartphones and cellular networks were successful, which confirmed the IP block. When asked by Netflix, users were confirmed to have the new VPN block, which they also had. Some users then had their internet provider assign them new IP addresses, which solved the problem. Netflix also recommends users who watch themselves unjustly locked out A specially set up support page To contact your Internet provider. In addition, they want to help unauthorized users with solutions.

Netflix’s Progress Is Again Partially Ineffective

Some popular VPN providers such as VVPN, CyberGhost and Private Internet Access have found new ways to bypass the block within a day after the recent advance by Netflix.

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