Netto Recalls “Take Salami-Cheese-Baguette” – Suspected Salmonella

Netto Recalls "Take Salami-Cheese-Baguette" - Suspected Salmonella

Due to suspicions of salmonella, the manufacturer of the salami and cheese baguette sold at discounter Netto recalled the goods. The article “Take Away Salami-Cheese Baguette” dated 03.08.2021 is the best and affected batch number CH428115, said PE.WE GmbH from Ludinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia) With.

The product is available on Netto Marken-Discount nationwide, except that bremenhandjob Hamburg And Schleswig-Holstein, has been offered. Also best-before dates, batch numbers or other Take Away brand products are not affected. It cannot be ruled out that individual packs are contaminated with salmonella. Its consumption can cause health problems. Netto immediately removed the goods from sale.

Get medical attention if symptoms occur

It states that salmonella disease manifests itself within a few days of infection with diarrhoea, abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting and mild fever. Symptoms usually subside on their own after several days. In particular, infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems can develop more serious disease processes. People who have ingested this food and develop severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention and be advised of possible salmonella infection.

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