TV gag with Barbara Schonenberger: Your boobs can speak now

TV gag with Barbara Schonenberger: Your boobs can speak now

What a puppet show!

“Hurray Germany” was cult in the 90s and brought a breath of fresh air to the TV landscape with dolls. Now comes “Spitting Image” and continues the concept of unique satirical show.

It will start on Sky from 16 September.

What is this about? Show stars like Angela Merkel, Marcus Söder, Sebastian Kurz or Heidi Klum, Jocko Winterschild or Jan Boehmermann are puppet versions of their quirky TV counterparts, intended to make audiences laugh.

BILD took a behind-the-scenes look at the creations, showing off the first distinctive dolls — and also how animated they were.

Capital bra wraps, in real life, is a tough guy – he makes audiences laugh at “Spitting Image”Photo: Mark Harrison for Avalon UK

Producer Roger Law and his team created over 100 different dolls for the satirical show “Spiriting Image”.

Sky spokeswoman Stephanie Teacher on BILD: “The new dolls are handcrafted from latex in Germany and Great Britain.”

Doll designer Roger Law Show creates Barbara's breasts, which are made of multiple layers of latex

A doll designer from Roger Law’s team creates “Doll Barbara” breasts, which are made from multiple layers of latexPhoto: Mark Harrison for Avalon UK

It’s a long way from sketch to finished doll. “First, overdrawn sketches or caricatures are created that serve as a template for the clay figures,” says Teacher.

And further: “At its base, molds are cast and lined with latex. Then there are the eyes of Madame Tussauds, a hair and clothing manufacturer alike. Every step is done by hand and with years of experience, doll manufacturing is based in Great Britain, by the way. It takes about 14 days to manufacture a doll.”

well recognized?  Heidi Klum Doll Sketch That's Not Finished Yet

well recognized? Heidi Klum Doll Sketch That’s Not Finished YetPhoto: Avalon / Sky

And there are some extras for one or another doll. A spokesperson for The Sky explains: “Barbara Schönberger’s breasts take on a life of their own, and thanks to the special latex filling, they can even be buoyed up in multiple layers. When the figure is finished, her breasts will be able to speak, too. “

Barbara Schönberger's doll is currently being made from this sketch

Barbara Schönberger’s doll is currently being made from this sketchPhoto: Avalon / Sky

Because the makers have brought something very special for Mini Barbara. Teacher: “Barbara Schönberger’s breasts are independent characters, they can speak and act independently of her. They are controlled by the puppet.”

But she also emphasizes this: “Sketches for breasts come from the pens of satirical writers. We are not serving male fantasies here.”

National soccer player Thomas Mueller in doll form

National soccer player Thomas Mueller in doll formPhoto: Mark Harrison for Avalon UK

What does Barbara Schönberger say about it? “She appears on the Barbara show, agreed with us,” explains her manager Claudia von Sprekelsen when asked by BILD. She knew nothing about the talking breasts. But he doesn’t care either. “It’s a satirical show and how it’s designed depends on the satirists themselves.”

By the way: currently only a few dolls are completely finished, including dolls from the national football team Thomas Mueller and rapper Capital Bra.

The makers have some time to start the show.

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