New at Lufthansa: Full line of seats to sleep in

New at Lufthansa: Full line of seats to sleep in

You don’t want to or don’t want to spend money on business class tickets, but you want to be well rested on a grueling long distance flight? Lufthansa has a new offer.

Sleeping on a plane can be uncomfortable. Neck rolls can help prevent head twitching, but falling asleep while sitting is not everyone’s case. That’s why Lufthansa is making a new offering for passengers on long-haul flights: for an additional fee, an entire row of seats can be blocked off in a short amount of time before the journey begins.

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Lufthansa explains that to reach the destination more comfortably, the so-called row of sleepers can be booked at check-in or at the gate. You get a full row for yourself, with three to four seats next to each other for the entire duration of the flight. There are also pillows, blankets, mattress pads and a special belt. If you book a full row, you can get on board even earlier.

According to the information, the surcharge per flight segment is between 159 to 229 Euro. Advance reservation is not possible. Sleeper Row is offered on flights of approximately eleven hours, for example to Los Angeles, Singapore and So Paulo.

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