Charlene of Monaco: “Waiting Game”: Devastating News

Charlene of Monaco: "Waiting Game": Devastating News

Charlene von Monaco to stay in South Africa until the end of October

In more detail after only one interview two weeks ago because of his illness spoke, the 43-year-old has now spoken again. According to the American site “”, Charlene told “South Africa Radio 702” what a prolonged separation from her loved ones meant for her – and that she would have to wait a very long time for her return trip. She doesn’t expect to return to Monaco until the end of October. A catastrophic prospect, there are still three months until then!

But the princess is brave: “I can’t force treatment, so I’ll be stuck in South Africa until the end of October,” she says. It is “a waiting game”. Another operation is pending, but she is feeling well.

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hard times for princess

However, it is not easy for him to stay for an unexpectedly long time in South Africa. Time to be so far away from your family, your kids “Tough” Months did. “It’s the longest period I’ve ever spent away from Europe and my kids,” explains the princess. You often contact them via FaceTime. “And they were here too, they came to Natal and would come back after my surgery,” said Charlene von Monaco happily. According to “,” Albert and the kids plan to travel to South Africa at the end of August, if the political situation allows. And so the former swimmer repeats once again: “As I said, it’s a waiting game. I can’t predict how my healing process will go. But yeah, I’m so sorry I can’t be with my kids Europe this summer.”

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Hello mom, here we are! In the video below, they went on a safari with their adorable twins.

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