New cabin: Lufthansa is packing more luggage into the Airbus A321 Neo

New cabin: Lufthansa is packing more luggage into the Airbus A321 Neo

Lufthansa is launching the Airbus A321 Neo with an airspace cabin for the first time. The cabin provides special lighting and provides more space for hand luggage, but it also has one disadvantage.

Lufthansa introduced its first Airbus A321 Neo with a new cabin. The plane will go into operation for the first time on Saturday (September 4) on a flight from Frankfurt to Fuerteventura with the so-called airspace cabin.

Lufthansa promises 40 percent more volume in overhead lockers. These also hold “60 percent more suitcases because they can be stacked vertically in compartments,” advertises the airline. There’s also a new lighting system that can illuminate the cabin with a warm red light, a cool blue light, or with graduated nuances.

More space on the shoulders, less on the head

Lufthansa writes, “The lighting in the cabin of the aircraft is based on the biorhythms of the passengers, depending on the time of day or night.” Washrooms should now be even more useful for people with reduced mobility.

Lufthansa also promises more comfort. According to the airline, the side walls of the cabin will give more space to the passengers in the shoulder area. However, the airspace cabin also has a disadvantage: the large luggage compartment limits the space above the seats. Especially skipping the square doesn’t get easy this way.

The cabin is also available in Swiss, Brussels and Eurowings

“In addition to Lufthansa, the new cabin will also be used by Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings on new aircraft in the Airbus 320 family,” the group announced. Before this article surfaced, Lufthansa had yet to answer what the schedule for this would look like and when other Lufthansa jets would fly with the airspace cabin.

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You can take a look at the new cabin in the picture gallery above.

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