New registrations in Europe: VW Golf becoming increasingly unpopular

New registrations in Europe: VW Golf becoming increasingly unpopular

Unfamiliar Perspectives for Golf: In approval rankings, it is only behind the competition. And that for a long time. It is clear to experts what this means.

On top year after year: The golf car world’s FC is Bayern. And like the record champion, Europe’s – by far – best-selling car is in trouble. However, only one of the two comes out of him. This is revealed by taking a look at the current registration figures in Europe.

Only second place on Europe’s registration table: Golf also lost its top spot in August, after July. excellent:

  • Golf had to give way to an in-house competitor. 1 is the VW T-Roc, a compact SUV that was registered 15,953 times across Europe in August alone.
  • But not only this, T-Rock has left golf behind. But also Peugeot 208, Dacia Sandero, Fiat 500 and Toyota Yaris. The former standing champion is only 6th in the entry. A total of 739,037 cars were registered in the EU (3.5 percent more than in August 2021).

golf in perpetual crisis

Things only got better for golf in March, when it made it to the top again. Other models were on top for the rest of 2022.

The landing of the Golf isn’t really that surprising to any insider — and certainly not to VW. With the sought-after T-Rock, the group has presented the Golf with a competitor that is similar in size, equally expensive – but an SUV. And these cars are considered extremely popular. And with ID.3 there is an electric car in the Golf format that has long been touted as the Golf of the future. So why should you buy the Golf of the past instead? Many customers ask. Apart from the steep prices and meanwhile rather poor quality.

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Basically, the statistics only approximate what everyone in Wolfsburg has known for a long time, but no one wants to say out loud: Golf is a closed model.

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