New version with improvements for Windows 11

New version with improvements for Windows 11

From Maximilian Hohm
Many users want more control over their own operating system. Microsoft makes several mechanisms for this purpose in related Windows iterations, but they can only be used with programs such as Powertoys. Read below about the new features and improvements that Powertoys 0.49 brings with you.

Microsoft’s Powertoys Toolbox is a practical program featuring many functions such as dividing a large monitor into multiple zones, variable key reassignment, and your own shortcuts. Hence, it has been popular with knowledgeable users since its return almost two years ago.

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Now Microsoft has released version 0.49, which has modified the look so that PowerToys no longer looks like Windows 10, but looks like Windows 11. In addition to the optical upgrade, some new functions from the beta versions are also included in the final version. Now Jade. B. “Find Mouse” feature. Against a light background with high resolution, it may happen that a small white mouse pointer is temporarily lost. To find it again, all you have to do with PowerToys is to press Control twice so that everything except the mouse pointer turns black.

powertoys 0.49

Powertoys 0.49 <strong>: </strong> New version with improvements for Windows 11 <span class ="स्रोत लिंकवापर">[Quelle: PCGH]</span>” src=”×214/2021/10/powertoys1-pcgh.png” width=”292″ height=”214″/></span></p>
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Powertoys 0.49 <strong>: </strong> New version with improvements for Windows 11 <span class ="स्रोत लिंकवापर">[Quelle: PCGH]</span>” src=”×214/2021/10/powertoys2-pcgh.png” width=”292″ height=”214″/></span></p>
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Powertoys 0.49 <strong>: </strong> New version with improvements for Windows 11 <span class ="स्रोत लिंकवापर">[Quelle: PCGH]</span>” src=”×214/2021/10/powertoys3-pcgh.png” width=”292″ height=”214″/></span></p>
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Another new feature that made it to the final version is the video conference mute mode. True to its name, during home office hours it offers a simple option to deactivate the camera and microphone in all programs so that there is no unwanted transmission under any circumstances. This feature can also be assigned to a key using a shortcut. Users of ultrawide panels can expect improvements in fancy zones. Layout changes are now possible through shortcuts and remain active even when the screen is locked. Also, the editor needs to be more stable now.

All improvements and innovations can be done here Github Where Powertoys can be downloaded for free.

They: Github

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