Nintendo Switch 4K: Nvidia leak indicates 4K model

Nintendo Switch 4K: Nvidia leak indicates 4K model

An improved model of Nintendo Switch with 4K resolution can be obtained from data stolen from Nvidia.

Those who play on the Nintendo Switch on the go are stuck with a resolution of 720p. In most cases, the actual resolution is even lower in complex games. And the Switch also achieves a maximum resolution of 1080p when docked to the television. That’s why fans have long wanted a model with 4K support. That’s exactly what Nintendo is already working on. At least that’s what the information suggests that comes with it.

Recent leak from Nvidia
being related. Nvidia supplies the Tegra chip built into the Switch for Nintendo.

4K via DLSS?

according to the data of

The nvidia leak should have a folder named nvn2. NVN is the development interface for the switch program. This folder contains an NVNDLSS driver for the chip named T239. This may confirm the existence of a new chip that supports Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology. So it could be that an upcoming model of Switch will be able to produce 4K content.

4K Switch date still unclear

However, the new Nintendo Handheld is unlikely to offer native 4K support; Such a powerful handheld would probably have very short runtimes. Instead, Nintendo can use Nvidia’s successful DLSS upscaling technology to compute games at a lower resolution and then scale them up to 4K resolution. Insiders expect a 4K model of the Switch to be out in late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest. According to Nintendo, the Switch is currently in the middle of its life cycle. Hence it is more likely to be a drilled-out model than an actual successor.

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