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Nintendo Switch OLED-Modell

New Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Not only does it come with a new display technology of the same name. Screen size has also increased from now on 7 inches in diameter An increased, noticeable update compared to the original model’s 6.2-inch screen. Yesterday we were able to give you some impressions from a detailed interview
ko shiota And Toru Yamashita Released by Nintendo. The two hardware experts played a leading role in the development of the Nintendo Switch family and were also instrumental in the design of new OLED models of hybrid consoles.

In the interview, which one’s question do they also answer? challenges Gone with the new performance. Because although large and color-intensive screens inherently bring many advantages from the customer’s point of view, there are also constraints associated with technical implementation.

According to Yamashita, Nintendo wanted to enlarge the display and at the same time leave the size of the console untouched. The new model is a bit bigger, but the dimensions are basically the same as the original model. As Shiota continues, engineers faced a particular challenge rearranging the cabling:

OLED screens use organic materials that allow vivid colors to be displayed. In addition, a deeper black can be displayed, so that there is a stronger black-and-white contrast and the image appears more intensely colored overall. But for this we had to fit all the peripherals needed for display on the OLED screen – such as circuits and cables – into the narrow frame. In the original model, these components only fit into the frame, but here it doesn’t work that way. So we consulted with the display manufacturer and implemented the circuit into a special film, which we eventually integrated into the frame.

Yamashita also states that Nintendo wanted to reach fans of the previous LCD screen with the new model. So you have to set the color display as a . have the option to replace with classic mode Adjust so that the new screen matches the color scheme of the classic LCD model.

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The new design of the device also has an impact on the weight, a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated in a handheld console. According to Shiota, this is specifically due to the console’s new underpinnings. Since it is made of metal, it is significantly heavier than the much smaller base that was installed earlier. In addition, the built-in hinge should be more stable to allow the console to be installed at different angles. that the OLED model is barely there despite these extra components
20 grams heavy Compared to the original unit, this is essentially due to optimizations in the processing of the console.

How did you like the new screen of the OLED model?

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