Chrome 88: Too many changes to the latest browser version

Chrome 88: Too many changes to the latest browser version

The new Chrome browser version 88 is currently being prepared for all users. Chrome 88 comes with some interesting new features for users and developers.

Google has Chrome browser latest update be released. The number runs under 88 and there have been some improvements in its accessories, especially for developers. First and foremost, Chrome version 88 differs from Flash, FTP and cloud Print. In turn, the ratio properties are: shorter URLs, some security features, an improved dark mode and support for aspect.

Short URL

While some users were not enthusiastic, Google pushed through shorter URLs. This means that users only receive Domain Was displayed. Users can currently stop this through the context menu. Users can now display the common entry by clicking on the address bar.

Increase security: Password checker, Permissions and Co.

Many users use password management in Chrome. Version 88 now offers new features here. For example, users can recognize weak or hacked passwords and change them directly through Chrome. Click on the profile picture to go to the password settings and then click on the key.

In addition, downloads of images, videos, audio, or texts via unsecured connections are directly blocked by Chrome. Authorization requests, for example, become less intrusive on location. In lieu of one Pop up To appear, Google takes them to the address bar.

Also, Chrome will no longer show notifications when screen is shared. Everyone who has been communicating and working faster through video chat for a year means significantly more privacy.

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Simplified dark mode

Dark Mode celebrated rapid growth in 2020. So is Google Chrome made it available quickly. Now Google is making it easy for developers to store dark versions of their website using the CSS color scheme. Depending on the user settings, a dark or light version of a page is displayed.

Aspect: Ratio property is supported

Previously, a certain aspect ratio could only be determined for certain elements such as images. In Chrome 88, the aspect: ratio property is now supported for other elements as well, so as to cause a similar behavior.

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