FC Bayern: Alfonso Davis seeks permission from Canada’s chief for travel

FC Bayern: Alfonso Davis seeks permission from Canada's chief for travel

Munich – Hardly any other player has gained so much popularity in the last few months as Alphonso Davis. The young winger has long made a name for himself in Germany, and in the final Champions League tournament he also knew how to inspire on the international stage.

After a stunning triple victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League final, Davis, who was the first Canadian to reach a major class final, was filled with hymns of praise. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated the shooting star, who has become one of the country’s most popular ambassadors in Europe in no time. “A historic moment – you made Canadians very proud. Congratulations on the big win, Alfonso,” the politician tweeted after the final.

Davis gratefully accepted the congratulations and took the opportunity to request the Prime Minister. “Thank you so much Prime Minister @justintrudeau Now I can come home for a week?”

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Davis does not meet the requirements for home travel

During the final tournament, Bayern stars were strictly shielded due to UEFA’s concept of cleanliness, and families were not allowed to have any contact with the players. After the final, coach Hansie Flick sent his players on short leave. While many of his companions travel for their loved ones, going back home proves difficult for Davis.

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Background: Due to current entry restrictions, travel options in Canada are severely limited. Under certain conditions, entry is still permitted, for example Canadian citizens. However, to do so, immigrants must stay at least 15 days and go into self-isolation for two weeks after arrival. Davis doesn’t have that long – on September 11, the first round of the cup marks the start of the new season. International press review: FC Bayern makes France “angry”

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