Kamala Harris leaves the US Senate and takes up her new post as Vice President

Kamala Harris leaves the US Senate and takes up her new post as Vice President

Kamala Harris took up her new position as Vice President of the United States. A historical moment as the first woman and the first non-white.

  • Kamala Harris, Resigned from the Senate for the Vice President of the United States.
  • In an Open Letter to Americans: Reveals the Inside Democracy have hope.
  • Change in US Senate Is not simply sized by Kamala Harris. Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff also provide the premiere.

+++ 11:14 pm: As president of the senate Kamala Harris Three new Democratic senators were sworn in at the beginning of their office. Rafael Warnock became the first African American and John Ossoff the first Jewish senator for the state of Georgia.

At the age of 33, Ossoff is also the youngest member since the Senate Joe Biden Who took office in 1973 at the age of 30. Alex Padilla will do Harris In the Senate for California. There are seats in the senate Democrat And Republican Distribute 50 to 50. Kamala Harris Is the decisive voice.

Kamala Harris leaves US Senate and speaks as Vice President

Update from Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 7.18 pm: Sworn in with him Kamala Harris Took his new position as Vice President of USA. She is the first woman in this office and the first person who does not define herself as a white. Harris had few, but meaningful words in the social network: “for people – forever.”, For English: “for people – forever.” There is a clear message that she wants to put her office in the service of voters. .

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Kamal Harris resigned from his post in the US Senate

First report Tuesday, January 19, 2021, from 4:04 pm. Washington DC – January 20, 2021 Joe Biden And Kamala Harris I am White house sworn in. Has been named Vice president Recently officially resigned from his seat US Senate Submitted. When she was a California senator for four years Vice President of America She will also preside over the Senate. In an open letter in the American newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle” on January 18, he confirmed American: InsideThat their work was not done yet. “This is not a goodbye.” Yes, I am leaving the Senate. But after my oath, I will preside there Harris. As US Vice President, she will also be the Senate President.

Huge responsibility for Kamala Harris as Vice President

Vice President It is the only office in our government that belongs to both ‘executive and legislative branches’. ‘ Vice President Walter Mondleywhatever Executive committee Were and then next Jimmy carter Of these White house was chosen. Harris This office plays a very special role. She will not only be the first woman, the first black and the first South Asian person to serve as Vice President, but she will also have the opportunity to “tie-break”. Executive committee be in charge of. Currently there are as many senators Democrat And Republican. In the event of a vote-sharing, the Speaker decides the election.

Kamala Harris She kept saying in her open letter that she was as a tie-breaker when she was using her power. Executive committee Will use, but hope he is not. “Ever since our nation was founded, only 268 tied votes have been cast by a vice president. I intend to work tirelessly like you Vice president To perform this constitutional duty, if necessary, to work, ”he wrote. “At the same time, it is my hope Executive committee Find common ground and work the American people instead of a tie. “

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US Senate Change Without Kamala Harris: “Change Is Possible”

In your seat Executive committee it happens Alex PadillaLike California Governor, California Secretary of State Gavin Newsome Announced just before Christmas. Another historical event: Latin Latin from California will be the first person of American origin to join US Senate works. Do in latino California The largest make up the minority, but very little is represented in high offices.

Kamala Harris will serve as Vice President in the United States. He previously resigned from the US Senate.

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This change is also evident elsewhere. Through trend setting Senate election In Georgia Two more people will be sworn in soon to represent the change. Together Rafael Warnock Eleventh black comes Senator In office – there were about two thousand senators in total. it was with him John osoff The first Jewish senator from the deep south has been elected since the 19th century.

“Change is possible,” wrote Kamala Harris At the end of his letter. “I am grateful for it and ready to work.” (Sebastian Richter)

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