Nintendo’s online services may hardly be available at Christmas

Nintendo's online services may hardly be available at Christmas

Annoying for Switch owners new and old: Ironically, over the Christmas holidays, online services are hardly accessible through Nintendo’s platform.

Redeem a Nintendo Gift Card Online? Nothing. Buy and download Mario Kart? not possible. Owners of Nintendo’s popular Switch console have had to show a lot of patience over the past two days. As Video game portal Kotaku And Twitter-Users report that online services were not accessible or only to a very limited extent on the console.

This means that console owners can start their own proprietary games normally. But downloading new games through the eShop, for example, is not possible. Also, no new accounts can be created that players need to be able to fully use the console.

monitor network status

Nintendo writes on its website: “We are currently having difficulty with our network services.” The Japanese console and game maker announced via Twitter that it wants to fix the problems as soon as possible. on a separate page Users can know about the status of network problems.

Nintendo expected to overload servers due to the number of consoles sold before Christmas. In a tweet about his Japanese Twitter account, the creator wrote that sometimes issues can occur while creating accounts, As the sports magazine IGN . is reported by,

last Christmas Nintendo had similar problems, It was hardly possible to buy or download games from the eShop on Christmas Day due to server overload.

Nintendo introduced the successor to its successful Switch Mobile console this year. Instead of the 6.2-inch LCD screen from its predecessor, the Nintendo has a 7-inch OLED screen built into his console,

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