No day like any other: Roger Federer’s 1000th win

No day like any other: Roger Federer's 1000th win

It was a career highlight for one of the greatest tennis players in history. On 11 January 2015 Roger Federer won his 1000th match on the ATP Tour in the final in Brisbane. Federer won against Milos Raonic from Canada in 6: 4, 6: 7 (2: 7) and 6: 4. He was a better player against Raonic from the start and dictated almost the entire game, but took a break lead in the second set.

Swissman’s first success on the ATP Tour at the time was over 16 years. In the autumn of 1998, they defeated French Guillaume Roux 6–2 and 6–2 in the first round of the tournament in Toulouse.

After Jimmy Connors, who has a total of 1253 wins, and Ivan Lendl (1071), Federer was only the third player worldwide to break this sound barrier. With a total of 1004 matches won, Rafael Nadal turned the trio into a quartet. As of January 11, 2021, Federer had a total of 1242 victories and overtook Lendl and established his sights on the Connors.

The Basel-born player is the most successful player in four major tournaments, with 20 Grand Slam titles including eight at Wimbledon, but has had to share a record with Nadal since the 2020 French Open. On the overall ATP tour, the former world number one ranks second with 103 tournament successes. The Connectors bring it to 109 tournament wins.

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