No Pogo, just Clash of Clans? Warcraft GO has apparently been canceled

No Pogo, just Clash of Clans?  Warcraft GO has apparently been canceled

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Updated on April 30, 2022: Bad news for Warcraft fans: contrary to the original belief that Blizzard will be announcing two mobile games on May 3, 2022, there will probably only be one new title, called Warcraft Clash of Clans. Windows Central editor Jez Corden tweeted shortly after Jason Schreier’s original report (via) wow head), in which he said that Blizzard has already discontinued Warcraft Pokemon Go. Jason Schreier himself confirmed Corden’s information sometime later, saying that the title was canceled in early 2022.

original messageAt least since the announcement of Diablo Immortal and interviews with Blizzard managers, we’ve known Californians want to develop mobile games for all of their franchises. Now two things are also clear. Diablo Immortal 2 will also release for PC on June 2022, and exactly a month ago On May 3, Blizzard wants the first details on the mobile game for the Warcraft universe Cheat.

Diablo Immortals: PC port and release date in new gameplay trailer

Is Blizzard Announcing Two Mobile Games?

But even though Blizzard’s invitation goes like this: “We invite you to the reveal of a Warcraft mobile game!“: Is this really a game? Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier is certain the WoW developers are currently working on at least two mobile games for Warcraft, he revealed.” Resetera. Featherwhere he denies Recent Starfield leaks confirmed,

According to Schreier, one of the two games should be under the direction of Pokémon Go, while the other should be a mobile game reminiscent of the successful hit Clash of Clans. As of early November 2018, there were indications that Blizzard is some sort of Warcraft Go . may be working on, At the time, Jason Schreier had reported that a team of Pogo fans wanted to implement a comparable game, only with significantly more features and single-player content.

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