Oak Processional Pest: Pest Control Begins in Herzberg Region on Monday

Ab Montag soll es dem Eichenprozessionsspinner an der Kragen gehen.
From Monday to Wednesday, the oak procession kite is at the forefront in the Herzberg region. When it heats up, the oak procession kites and gold evers are re-energized. Specific companies take measures to control trees on federal and state roads on behalf of the state road administration. In particular, it concerns trees and shrubs on state roads between Langnaudorff and Ubigau, between Lebusa and between the junction at the Skona branch, between Skona and Dame branch, between Skönevede and Freveld, between Köpulsdorf and Bollensdorf. Beach, between Kolochau and Jenkig as well as Herzberg and Kolochau on the B87, between Herzberg and Fermarswald and on the B101 between Langenndorff and Wiederau.

As reported by the state office, not only oak processional insect caterpillars, but also gold affors can cause allergies in humans. Goldafter is found not only on oak, but also on other tree and shrub species.

Specialist companies inject biological pesticide foi es. It is a naturally occurring bacterium, which is applied in an aqueous solution in a processed form and is not dangerous to other pests or humans, according to the state company statement. Pesticides are specifically applied from the ground.

Road users are asked to understand whether roads will have to be closed at short notice in the area of ​​control measures.

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