“Ingenuity”: NASA publishes sound recordings of Mars flight for the first time

"Ingenuity": NASA publishes sound recordings of Mars flight for the first time
Science “Innate” helicopter

NASA publishes sound recordings of Mars flight for the first time

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NASA’s Helicopter “Ingenuity” on Mars, “Perseverance” Recorded by Rover’s Rear Camera

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Not much can be heard, but scientists still look forward to the “gold mine for another understanding of the atmosphere of Mars”: the first time you can hear what it sounds like when the “innate” helicopter Red Planet Flies on

DThat is the US space agency NASA released the first sound recording from the flight of Mars helicopter “Ingenuity”. The rover “Perseverance”, with which the mini-helicopter landed on Mars in February, recorded the sounds with one of its microphones on the fourth flight of “Ingenuity” at the end of April. This is the first audio recording from a flight to Mars and the first that a spacecraft is made from another planet to another planet.

The helicopter cannot be heard particularly well, however, “persistence” has been recorded from about 80 meters away and the thin Mars atmosphere and wind also took off and reduced flight noise. But even that little can be heard is a “very nice surprise” and a “gold mine” for understanding the Martian atmosphere, scientist David Mimoun said.

“Perseverance” (in German: stamina) had previously sent audio recordings of their landing, trying to travel to Earth with their lasers and on Mars. The rover – and the helicopter “Ingenuity” (in German, for example: Simplicity) were touched down in late February with a risky maneuver in a dry Mars lake called the “Jizzaro Crater” – a 203-day flight and 472 million kilometers. Traveled.

It took Rover eight years to develop and build around $ 2.5 billion (about 2.2 billion euros). He is about to find traces of past microbial life on Mars and conduct research on the planet’s climate and geology.

“Innate” flew for the first time on April 19, making it the first aircraft to fly on another planet. Since then, the helicopter has flown three times. Their mission, which was originally planned to last for about 30 days, was initially extended to about 30 days.

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