Chicken McNugget sells for about $100,000 on eBay

Chicken McNugget sells for about $100,000 on eBay

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A box of 6 Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s usually costs 3.99 euros, which is around 70 cents apiece. On eBay, however, such a breaded piece of poultry has been sold over the counter about 143,000 times. There it was bought for an incredible 100,000 US dollars (about 82,000 euros). Why? Because Nugget resembles a popular video game character.

  • Chicken McNugget sells for $100,000 on eBay
  • He looks like a famous video game character
  • Seller Makes a Surprising Discovery in His McDonald’s Order

What started as a fun idea ended with a small fortune. When a seller on eBay known as “Polizna” made a surprise discovery in his McDonald’s menu, he came up with the idea of ​​turning the find into cash.

One of the Chicken McNuggets looked a bit different than all the others in its box and immediately reminded him of a character from the currently popular online game “Among Us”. They look like ticks on the legs.

Without further ado, he packed his nugget airtight, placed it in a cooling compartment, and listed it on eBay for 0.99 cents.

184 bids later A piece of breaded poultry would then sell for a staggering $99,997.

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This is what a $100,000 Chicken McNugget looks like. Along with this photo, user “polizna” offered up her special nuggets on eBay.

In the item description, “Polizna” states that it found the nuggets in the so-called “BTS menu” sold by McDonald’s in South Korea, the United States, and other parts of the world. This is a promotion for a South Korean K-pop band, which also includes a box of 10 Chicken McNuggets.

The nugget looks like “Between Us” and costs around $100,000. sells in

“Polizna” placed the nuggets on eBay as “used” and reported that it had an average shelf life of 14 days. The seller promises, “The item is frozen and then sealed to ensure freshness.” It all sounds so good that the buyer has to pay about 100,000 euros for the nuggets.

The multiplayer online game “Among Us” became really famous last year as many big streamers shared their gaming experience with millions of viewers thus doing a lot of commercials for the game, which was actually launched in 2018. “Between Us” is about a group of ten players who expose a traitor. (mg)

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