Stihl is recalling chainsaws – be careful! increased risk of injury

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Industrial company Stihl is recalling some chainsaws. Reason: Anomalies were found on the liver. These machines are affected.

Because there is a problem with levers on individual devices, the manufacturer calls stihli A limited number of chainsaws with the sales designation “MS462”. “The investigation revealed that an effect on the triggering sensitivity of automatic chain brakes cannot be ruled out,” says the industrial company’s customer information.

In the event of a kickback, there could potentially be an increased risk of injury to the user of the affected chainsaw. According to the manufacturer, these are distinct machines in two delimitable machine number groups. customers are encouraged Memory This should be followed and the use of the affected machines should be stopped immediately.

Which product is affected?

“Stihl chainsaw MS 462”: Recalling some machines in the two delimitable machine number range. (source: producer)

  • the product: stihl chainsaw
  • model type: MS 462
  • Machine Number Range 1: 190996183 – 191007172
  • Machine Number Range 2: 191027366 – 191027557

Other machines are not affected by the recall. Stihl has announced that it will potentially replace faulty levers on affected machines that show abnormalities.

What can you do?

Customers who have already purchased the affected “Stihl MS 462 Chainsaw” product with the specified machine number range are asked to contact their Stihl specialist dealer regarding a lever replacement. Repair is then free of charge, according to the customer’s information.

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