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tesla model-y berlin showroom verhuellt

Tesla Model Y deliveries in Europe should begin next week with only a slight delay – they should actually be delivered from the new Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin from July, but because it’s not ready yet, China will fill the gap. will be given. there is time. Tesla’s second volume model has already arrived in Europe: the first was last week Model Y from China with an interesting anti-camouflage The van was discovered on and after, mostly still hidden, at various Tesla showrooms (the photo above was sent in by a reader and comes from Berlin).

Tesla ship from China in port

But that was just the vanguard, so to speak: The first two ships arrived on Monday, which should have thousands of Model Ys on board for delivery to customers. The Model Y, which was first spotted on auto transporters and then at Tesla showrooms in Europe last week, is said to have come with an earlier ship that brought the Model 3 primarily from China.

Over the next few days, however, more road and train transport should be seen almost exclusively with the Model Y: Glovis Supreme and Helios Ray from Shanghai arrived at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on Monday, according to ship supervisor @mortenlund89 on Twitter. There were morning and unloaded. To their knowledge, these are the first two ships that Model Y will be on board for European customers, with a third to follow soon.

In terms of timing, this fits in well with customer reports regarding first dates for the Model Y handover in Europe. Some were explicitly mentioned earlier this week, but the earliest known dates seem to be in the coming week. For example, a reader informed teslamag.de about the delivery planned for next Tuesday in Dortmund. There will also be Tesla drivers and friends in the German forum Dates in late August and early September Called. Tesla apparently hasn’t sent out vehicle papers yet, so it’s still open Which of the two possible LG batteries will be the first Model Y for Europe are equipped.

Thousands of Model Ys in Europe’s first wave

According to prior information from Tesla, only the Model Y Long Range variant will arrive with the first shipload from China, the first demonstration model this December. EU type approval documents also indicate that Like the Model 3, a basic model with CATL’s LFP battery will be available soon can follow. But first, it’s the turn of the Model Y, who are now arriving by ship. According to data from China, Tesla shipped a total of 8,210 units for export in July, and all of them are said to be for Europe.

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