Schlagerstrandparty (ARD): Is Florian Silberesen Pregnant? Beatrice Egley clears up crazy rumors

Schlagerstrandparty (ARD): Is Florian Silberesen Pregnant?  Beatrice Egley clears up crazy rumors

“Big Hit Beach Party for Birthdays” on ARD: Beatrice Egli and Florian Silberesen on stage in Gelsenkirchen

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Beatrice Egley has to be in the limelight for an insane amount of time. Now she is putting an end to the rumors of being pregnant with Florian Silberesen.

Gelsenkirchen – Florian Silberesen He turned 40 a few days ago. But he didn’t celebrate his birthday big as his agenda was shooting for “Deutscheland such den Superstar”. He celebrated in a small circle together with his jury colleagues Iles DeLange, Toby Gad and the DSDS team. There isn’t a big party until a few days later. He celebrated his birthday live on “Big Hit Beach Party for his Birthday” on August 14 on ARD. Gelsenkirchen also has several other Schlager stars initially on the site: Beatrice Egli, Andrea Berg, Stefan Moss, DJ Otzi & Co. After Schlager singer Beatrice Egli performed, she and Silberesen began talking as the 40-year-old “My Heart” was surprised by the interpreter’s previous title. She read from the press that she said in an interview that she was pregnant. What?

“Big Hit Beach Party For Birthdays” (ARD): Beatrice Egley Cleans Up Pregnancy Rumors

In the podcast “But Please With Schlager”, the singer said that she often had to smile at the constant headlines about her life. He also spoke to the moderation team about Florian Silberesen. With that, new headlines are being made for her again and again: “I was recently pregnant by Florian Silberesen,” she said and was astonished when she read this story in the press. Of course, that’s not true—and explained it to the 40-year-old on the forum “Hit Beach Party” on ARD. The 33-year-old had to laugh once again about this. So the press twisted the words in his mouth. “Then can I cancel the 5,000 diapers I ordered? OK!” joked Silberesen. So yeah, all just wild rumours. No pregnancy. No relationship with Florian Silberesen.

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Love Rumors About Beatrice Egley & Ben Zucker: The New Schlager Dream Couple? “we are not together!”

There were also love rumors with Schlager collaborator Ben Zucker. But the 38-year-old doesn’t understand how the headline came about: “Yesterday a friend sent me an article saying I was with Beatrice Egley. ‘New dream couple – we’re a couple now!’ Only Beatrice and I know nothing about it. That’s the difference and it’s a pity. I have to call Beatrice and ask ‘Are we together now?’ She joked. “We are great allies, I ‘like’ them – in the sense: I like them! I feel happy when I see them. But we are not together,” Zucker confirmed. So here too: no secret relationship with the Schlager singer. in an interview with colorful Beatrice Egley recently admitted that she too falls in love every now and then. At present, the 33-year-old also has another big project on which she has been focusing for months. The singer Schlager trains for the Matterhorn – she wants to climb the mountain with a height of 4478 meters. But is there no fear? “I don’t have as many muscles as I have right now and I’m in the best physical shape of my life,” says Egli.

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