Ikea changes vouchers to 2022 advent calendar – customers are really pissed

Ikea changes vouchers to 2022 advent calendar – customers are really pissed

The Ikea Advent calendar is a highlight for many people every year. When the sixth door was opened in 2022, there was disappointment.

DORTMUND – In addition to 22 sweets, the Ikea Advent calendar year after year hides a special feature behind the 6th and 24th doors: vouchers worth 5 to 1000 euros each. But the furniture giant has changed the terms for the vouchers on St Nicholas Day in 2022.

Ikea Advent Calendar 2022: The furniture giant turns to vouchers

The run on Ikea’s advent calendar gets bigger year after year. You can get high quality chocolate from the Hatches brand and two action cards for 12.99 euros. Until now, Action Cards have always been vouchers – worth between 5 and 1000 Euros (more service news at RUHR 24).

So it’s no surprise that many people expected to find a voucher worth 1,000 euros behind their little door. But many are satisfied with even less – because you can usually find something at Ikea for less money.

Until now, vouchers had to be redeemed at Ikea furniture stores, whether for candles, plants or the new Ivar shelf. They are valid for six months from the moment the door is opened. However, in 2022 Ikea changed the terms for one of the two vouchers. And this frustrates some customers.

Ikea changes voucher status in 2022 advent calendar – customers are disappointed

Anyone who opened the sixth door of the advent calendar on St. Nicholas Day should have received a 5 euro voucher as usual. However, this year the value can’t be redeemed in furniture stores – as it usually is – but only in restaurants.

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Disappointment for many Ikea customers, as they say on social media. One user writes: “I was so looking forward to the calendar sale, but the joy was gone when I read the voucher for the restaurant.”

Another Facebook user only noticed the change when he opened the advent calendar door. The disappointment appears to be great, as she comments: “Just in time for December 6th, we blew open the door to your otherwise always-loved Christmas calendar. It was even more regretful to us that the vouchers were quietly and secretly replaced.” was gone and can now only be redeemed at the restaurant. We’re very curious what’s behind the 24th. Vouchers due for the Sweden shop? Definitely the last of Ikea’s calendars for us. It really this is sad!”

Redeem Ikea vouchers only at restaurants – well hidden sign

Annoying thing for some Ikea fans: didn’t care about the voucher change when purchasing the advent calendar. A customer tells RUHR24 that Ikea has not informed them enough about the change. The day after you opened the sixth door, when you went to the furniture store, you were informed that the campaign card can only be redeemed in the restaurant.

On Facebook, however, some users admit they simply ignored the notice on the display. It is clearly legible: “5 Euros for your Ikea restaurant”. There is also a relevant note in small print on the back of the voucher. However, for many customers this is not clear enough.

The frustration is great and became even greater for some Facebook users when Ikea deflected questions about whether the vouchers could be redeemed for at least one hot dog. An Ikea employee replied, “Restaurant campaign cards can only be redeemed at Ikea customer restaurants.”

The fine print states that the voucher on the advent calendar is only valid for the restaurant.

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Ikea customers are furious about the advent calendar change – with a few exceptions

Beyond the sad and angry emoji, the reactions are clear: Many customers didn’t even buy the 2022 advent calendar or declared they wouldn’t buy it again next year. But there are some positive voices as well.

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One user says she always goes to Ikea to eat before shopping. A 5 euro voucher would certainly be useful to them. And there’s another innovation lined up in the 2022 advent calendar that may comfort some about the changed voucher terms.

Advent calendars don’t have to be thrown away after Christmas, but can still be used as a craft template for gift boxes. The template is printed inside the calendar.

List of rubrics: © IKEA, Manuel Geiger/Imago, collage: RUHR24

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