Oberliga Westfallen may continue to grow

Oberliga Westfallen may continue to grow

Because the Oberliga Westfalen, already jammed with 21 teams, could rise again for the 2021/22 season. As there are no promotions or accusations due to the cancellation, all 21 teams will remain in the league – provided no one goes into the aisle voluntarily. In addition, a Regional Regionalliga West may come.

Five clubs should be withdrawn by 19 April. Since there are no promoters from one of the three upper leagues in North Rhine-Westphalia, all charge places in the regional leagues have been reduced to one. Only the lower part of the table has been reconnected with the Fourth Division.

The place is currently occupied by RW Ahlen (25 points), which will be regained by Oberliga Westfalen. Also in the ruffle are Bonner SC (26 points), SV Burgess Gladbach (27 points) and SV Lipstadt 08 (28 points). Lippstadt also belongs to Oberliga Westfalen should it eventually kill the club.

In the worst-case scenario – for Oberliga Westfalen – 22 teams could play in the fifth division in the coming season. FLVW vice-president Manfred Schneider said whether there would be another big round or that the league would be split into two groups cannot be said at the moment.

On Tuesday evening (April 20) there will be a video conference with representatives of the Oberliga Westfalen, where they will talk to the clubs. “Finally, the Association Football Committee will decide which genre to play.”

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