Olympia 2021 dressage live: Germany wins two medals – Worth wins gold

Olympia 2021 dressage live: Germany wins two medals - Worth wins gold

The German dressage team lived up to its role as the favourite. Von Bredow-Werndl and Werth’s double win gives Germany three out of four possible medals.

  • Olympia 2021: The final verdict in dressage riding today.
  • In addition to the many medals from the last few hours, more medals are to be added this afternoon.
  • Riders’ personal decision: You can watch them on TV or in our live ticker today.

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Update, at 2:15 pm: So this was the last dressage event at the 2021 Olympics. Not surprisingly, but very gratifying nonetheless, Germany could finally celebrate a double victory. The rides of Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Isabel Worth were on the same level as the past few weeks. Only Dorothy Schneider has had one mistake or another. In the end she reached 15th place.

But other nations also offered a strong ride. Charlotte Dujardin and Catherine Dufour received good grades. American Schut-Kery almost surprisingly landed a very good fifth place.

Update, at 2:04 pm: And so it is clear: Germany’s double victory! Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is the Olympic champion in dressage. Isabelle Worth joins her, who despite a stellar performance, this time failed to reach Birgit Fisher’s record. The stage is completed by British Charlotte Dujardin.

Update, at 1:58 pm: The name is program. It’s showtime at the 2021 Olympics. Dorothy Schneider and her Showtime FRH dressage competitions have a grand end. Unfortunately, some minor mistakes happened. 79.432% are not good enough for the top spots this time.

Update, at 1:48 pm: So now Charlotte Dujardin and live for Great Britain. That too was a world-class performance and Dujardin knows that. The mean of 88.543% is currently in third place. Dorothy Schneider and Showtime will now decide whether it will stay that way.

Olympia 2021: Almost all favourites: are in

Update, at 1.40 pm: The joy of beautiful sparks from the gods sounds a lot like Isabelle Worth and Bella Rose’s freestyle. With Piafs who is second to none. Almost perfect performance by Rheinberg’s duet! But “only” 89.657% for both. Von Bredow-Werndl is in the lead.

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Update, at 1:29 pm: Edward Gall leads his totals son Total US on the sandy soil of Olympia 2021. The young horse shows a very confident demeanor. But of course it is difficult even after the German couple. 84.157%.

But look again: Isabel Worth and Bella Rose have broken up.

Olympia 2021: Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Dalera with an impressive performance

Update, at 1:20 pm: Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and TSF Dalera dance through the square to the music of Bibi Lala-Land. As expected, both show a performance in dressage that is hard to beat in terms of harmony and accuracy. 91.732%. This is clearly the new lead!

Update, at 1:10 pm: Danish Catherine Dufour with a bohemian gift. How else! A tough freestyle, which both of them performed well. Dufour’s smile at the closing line tells a lot. 87.50% has to be defeated.

Update, at 12.55 pm: After the break, the six best riders will continue on to the 2021 Olympics. When Catherine Dufour debuts, it’s Jessica von Bredow-Werndl’s turn. One thing is certain: the medal race in dressage continues

Update, at 12.45 pm: Charlotte Fry and Everdale won team bronze in dressage yesterday. The Great Britain duo show off a tough freestyle, which in part must have felt the same way for both. Fry finished this second group with 80.614%.

Things start to get exciting for the German team after the break. But the other three names also cannot be ignored!

Dressage: Group Two is over. now it’s getting exciting

Update, at 12:34 pm: Juliet Ramel drives her horse Burial KH through the arena. The Swede can show a strong performance in Olympics 2021 and achieves 81.182%.

Update, at 12.25 pm: The next pair in dressage riding is Therese Nilshagen and Dante Veltino Old for Sweden. For a colorful mix of pop music, the duo achieved 79.721%. Even though they did drop a few points in the change, it was still a very good performance.

Update, at 12.15 pm: For Denmark, Carina Casso Kruth is in the saddle of Heline’s Dansiera and dances to “Time of My Life” in the last line of a very entertaining and demanding free event at the 2021 Olympics. Barely enough for 83.329% lead.

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Olympia 2021: New Tour by Sabine Schutt-Kerry

Update, at 12:05 pm: And another native German: Sabine Schut-Kerry from the United States is making her Olympic Games debut this year. Your horse Sanso takes care of the help of his rider and he thanks his horse for a harmonious and sufficiently difficult performance. And that new leadership too! 84.30%.

Update, at 11.55 am: Hans Peter Minderhoud sits on the Dream Boy in the Dutch team’s orange tailcoat and shows off a fresh freestyle. Despite a small mistake in the two-way change accounted for 80.682%.

Update, at 11:45 am: The second group of this competition is about to begin. We will have to wait a little longer for the German riders. All three groups start in three.

80 percent broken: Carl Hester takes lead in 2021 Olympics

Update, at 11.30 am: and is the first of the three groups. Briton Carl Hester shows off a cool freestyle with en vogue and ends the group with proper form and a strong passage. With 81.818%, the pair takes the lead over Stephen Peters.

Update, at 11.20 am: And also the first Spanish woman to enter the competition. Beatriz Ferrer-Salat rides her freestyle gracefully to elegant music and ends the performance with extreme difficulty. Compared to one or the other pair, however, the rider’s effect on the horse was very time-consuming. With 77.532%, not much to gain here today.

Update, at 11.10 am: Rodrigo Torres saddles his Fogoso. He rides his one-handed change with one hand and looks satisfied with the final line-up. The Portugal pair got 78.943% for the Pink Floyd freestyle.

Olympia 2021: Stephen Peters of USA leads the field

Update, at 10:59 am: Silver medalist in the arena from yesterday. Stephen Peters of the United States shows a multifaceted performance with his soup Casper. By the way, Peters was born in Germany, but since 1985 he has been living in the States. It is now very close to the top of the field with 80.968%.

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Update, at 10:49 am: Zack and his Danish rider Nanna Skodborg Merald show, according to ZDF commentator, a lot more freshness and willingness to perform than before. 80.893% of the awards are given for performance by the judges. Highlight of freestyle: There are fixed lessons, but riders are free to decide on the order and music.

Update, at 10:37 am: To the voice of Celine Dion, the Canadian rider puts on a solid show with his horse All In. The couple was able to achieve 76.404% at a comfortable 30 degrees in Tokyo.

Update, at 10.30 am: The first couple broke up. Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu made her debut for Canada. It starts immediately with a high level of difficulty.

TOKYO – Isabel Worth is also participating in the individual dressage competition following her success in team competition at the 2021 Olympics. She can achieve historic things at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

If Reinberger should win gold in the final freestyle with her Bella Rose today, she will be tied with the most successful German Olympian, Birgit Fischer. The canoeist has eight gold and four silver medals to his name. Worth has (still) seven gold and four silver medals to his name.

Olympia 2021: Isabel Worth has big competition behind her in dressage riding

He should get great competition from within his own rank. Along with Dorothy Schneider and Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, her partner sits on her neck. Von Bredow-Werndl was able to score the highest points of the entire field in both rides on the Dalera in Tokyo and Dorothy Schneider is also one of the hottest candidates for a medal with Showtime. It’s clear even to Isabelle Worth: “Someone will probably have something against it”, she replied with a side-eye look at Jessica von Bredow-Werndl after the awards ceremony yesterday when asked if she would take her eighth gold with her. Bring home the medal. (Pia Ewald)

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