“Living Legend” Hamilton Continues Success Story | games from around the world

"Living Legend" Hamilton Continues Success Story |  games from around the world

Sochi – Of course, Lewis Hamilton knows this can’t go on forever. The record Formula 1 world champion similarly got emotional after his 100th Grand Prix victory in Sochi, Russia.

“What it feels like to write history with this team cannot be expressed in words,” the Mercedes superstar wrote on Instagram under some of Sunday’s photos. We have to win the world championship.”

track number eight firmly in sight

At the end of the season, the 36-year-old Brit is looking to secure the world title number eight as the first driver ever. He still shares the role of record world champion with Michael Schumacher, and has long left the icon behind Kerpen in racing victories (100:91). “The man is a living legend!” About Hamilton wrote the Swiss “Blick”. For “Marca” in Spain he is “driver without par” and for Italian “Coriere dello Sport” the extraordinary talent on the steering wheel is not just “going down in history”.

Even though more races have been run longer than in Schumacher’s heyday and the records are not entirely comparable, Hamilton remains a phenomenon. From a poor background he has managed to become a global hero and has been the undisputed face of Formula 1 over the years. There is more than 14 years between their first success in Canada in 2007 and their last ever success in Russia. Hamilton’s boss Toto Wolff, head of motorsport at Mercedes, said: “We are looking at a career here that is incredible.”

the end is not yet visible

How long will it run? Hamilton, who has signed with Mercedes for two more years, will remain with Mercedes until at least the end of 2023 and could take his record to unreachable heights. But it is not easy, because a whole generation is already waiting for their chance. Starting with Max Verstappen (23 years old), who is only two points behind World Cup second place after second in Russia, Hamilton’s future teammate George Russell (23), Ferrari star Charles Leclerc (23) ) and from Lando Norris (21). .

McLaren driver Norris was on the verge of his first win at Sochi, with weather misperceptions and a late tyre change costing the Briton a victory on the final lap. Hamilton had the advantage, but he knew he might not be able to beat Norris on a normal day. “He is so young, there are still a lot of victories ahead of him,” said Hamilton: “He is doing a great job as a leader.” Leclerc also said of the super-talented Norris: “It’s only a matter of time before he wins the first time.”

Chaser hopes for more chances

Especially with next year in sight, the chasers are ultimately hoping for more opportunities against Mercedes with reigning world champion Hamilton. In 2022, there will be completely new regulations that will require the design of heavily modified cars. But who can say if Silver Arrow won’t manage this transformation in the best possible way again? In early 2014, the team implemented the then heavily revised set of rules and dominated the new hybrid era with superiority. Every driver’s title, every constructors’ championship and of course the most race wins ever went to the Works team.

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Hamilton remains calm, looking to the future. For the tenth time in his long career, he is one of the lead actors in this year’s title fight, while the youth competition is yet to get used to these pressures.

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