Vanilla Ice makes weird ads for Samsung refrigerators

Vanilla Ice makes weird ads for Samsung refrigerators

Vanilla Ice in Samsung refrigerator commercials. (image: samsung)

The 90s are back and want to save the climate. That’s how you can understand Samsung’s new ad in which US rapper Vanilla Ice recommends raising the refrigerator’s temperature.

Most of you would know the song Ice, Ice Baby. Many may also know US rapper Vanilla Ice, who celebrated his success with the song in 1990. The single sold over a million times in the United States alone, and the album To the Extreme was also a success. Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, doesn’t necessarily have a good reputation in the scene. Now Samsung has hired Rapper to build new refrigerators and an initiative for CO2 Saving To encourage.

Vanilla Ice: Raise the Temperature Like a Barbarian

Rap to the familiar sounds of the 1990s, now known as Reduce Your Ice, Ice Baby vanilla ice For example: “Okay wait, long term solution, snow is back with my new invention” or “Something is holding me tight, energy efficiency, daily and at night”. The idea behind this is to raise the temperature of the freezer by at least one degree Celsius. Or, to put it in the words of Vanilla Ice: “Raise the temperature like a barbarian!”

It is based on Samsung’s idea of ​​reducing CO2 emissions by raising the temperature of the refrigerator. South Korean Tech Company According to If every household in Europe could increase the temperature of their freezer compartment by just one degree Celsius, more than a million tons of CO2 emissions could be saved annually. Samsung has calculated the whole thing based on its refrigerator model RL36R8799SR. This amount would correspond to the emissions of 217,000 cars or energy for 120,000 homes per year.

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Vanilla Ice itself claims to be “very careful about a sustainable lifestyle”. For them, this also includes “a high level of energy efficiency.” Time and again he keeps “an eye open for energy-saving technologies”. He is also looking forward to working with Samsung on this project. “After all, such important messages can be conveyed particularly well through music,” Samsung quotes Vanilla Ice.

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