FIFA 22: First 3 rule breaking cards issued – these are the strong players

FIFA 22: First 3 rule breaking cards issued - these are the strong players

The Rulebreakers event was officially announced at FIFA 22. Accordingly, the first three cards were referenced. These are the top players.

Vancouver – Big Rule Breakers Event fifa 22* Time for Halloween starts and some of the stronger players will receive special cards. EA has now published notes on the first three rule breaking cards. Hundreds of players are now wondering which pros are hiding behind the clues. Knows from IPPEN.MEDIA* What rule breaking cards are most likely to be available in FIFA 22.

name of game fifa 22
Release (date of first publication) October 1, 2021
Publisher electronic Arts
seri fifa
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
Style football simulation

FIFA 22: Three rule breaking cards issued – these are the players behind it

This is what EA has published: Feather Twitter The developers of FIFA 22 posted a post announcing the Rulebreakers event. There are three cards to look for that show only certain characteristics of the players, such as nationality, position or speed value. It is now being speculated who are the pros behind these cards.

These three cards were published by EA on Twitter.

© EA

What three players can Rulebreakers have? You can’t say for sure, as few professionals will listen to this advice. However, most likely a matter of principle. Experts consider the following three players to be particularly likely:

  • Osman Dembele: Position RF, shot value 86 and speed value 88 were published here. It may very well fit Dembele. Dembele’s speed value is indeed high, but these values ​​are thrown into the Rulebreakers event. One option here would be better than Manchester City.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold: This player is most mentioned. It’s about an Englishman who plays for Liverpool and has a 90s pace. The first two properties apply to RVs and a speed value of 90 may be due to a rule breaking event. Alternatively, Joe Gomez is specifically mentioned here.
  • Marcel Sabitzer: The professional of FC Bayern is mentioned especially often on the third card. This is about an Austrian with an overall strength of 86 and a dribbling value of 89. Sabitzers usually have 84s and can get an upgrade to 86 through this event. He is also Austrian and dribbling value could Created by event. An often mentioned option would be Marko Arnautovic from Bologna. However, here the rating will increase by five points.
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FIFA 22: Rulebreakers Event Known – How does it work and when does it start?

When does the rule breaker incident start? According to EA, the event starts on October 29th at 7:00 PM. You can then gamble on Halloween and take advantage of special cards.

How do rule breakers actually work? The values ​​of the players participating in this event completely change. Some strong values ​​are downgraded and other values ​​that are normally weak are heavily promoted. So suddenly you have completely new players in your ranks which gives a different experience to the game.

more information about Rulebreakers-Events in FIFA 22*Unfortunately does not exist at the present time. When the event ends, for example, the stars are still in. The fact that there are rule breakers again this year and no one else FIFA 22. in the last scream*Which many fans had wished for. * an offer from

Header List Image: © EA

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