Olympia 2022: Canada and Great Britain with diplomatic boycott – China responds calmly

Olympia 2022: Canada and Great Britain with diplomatic boycott - China responds calmly

The governments of the British, New Zealand and Canada have joined a diplomatic boycott of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. Countries complain, among other things, of human rights violations in the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang.

Trudeau: This decision cannot be surprising for China

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: “I don’t think Canada and many other countries have opted not to send diplomatic missions to Beijing for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, China wondered. We have been facing human rights violations over the years.” Be very clear about your major concerns.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also announced that his government would not be represented in Beijing.

China: “It doesn’t matter whether they come or not”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded, “China has not invited any Australian government official to the Winter Games. They don’t matter if they come or not. Australian propaganda of its own political interests is not a part of the Olympic Games.” has no effect on the successful outcome.”

According to President Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee is staying away from political disputes. “The presence of government officials is a purely political decision by any government. The IOC principle of political neutrality also applies to this political decision,” Bach said.

Chancellor Scholz without a clear answer

The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has yet to make a clear statement on a possible boycott of Beijing by the new federal government. According to Scholz, all measures have to be weighed carefully.

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