ORF Election – Open Letter to the Future ORF General Management: More Culture and Science

ORF Election - Open Letter to the Future ORF General Management: More Culture and Science

Representatives of science and culture have also been appointed in the ORF election on 10 August. Several scientific institutions are writing an open letter to the ORF General Directorate of the future and appealing for the expansion of independent, high-quality scientific reporting in ORF offerings. In turn, the IG Autorinnen authors prepare a list of demands regarding the future ORF cultural program.

“In a world where we are faced with increasingly complex issues and enormous social and political challenges – from the Covid-19 pandemic to climate change – science is of great importance. ORF is critical in communicating our findings to our public.” playing a role. The service mandate plays an important role for Austria’s universities, colleges, research institutes and research sponsors”, it says in the open letter, which the Austrian Science Council (ÖWR), Austrian University Conference (UNICO), Written by Ludwig Boltzmann. Society (LBG), Institute of Science and Technology Austria and Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research (FWF).

Thoughts about future ORFs

“As institutions of science and research, conscious of our responsibility, we urge the Directorate General to further expand and provide more resources for independent, high-quality science reporting in future ORF proposals. In addition to slots, a variety of formats will also be needed in future target groups”, so the appeal was published on Tuesday.

The IG writers outlined their view of future ORFs last week. Its managing director, Gerhard Ruiss, criticizes the 1’s end of its own editorial work in regional programs and main events in the areas of arts and culture. “Of course, arts and cultural events cost money and no advertising income, but ORF’s license fee is exactly that,” Ruis wrote.

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IG Writer 1 and its own editorial work, arts and culture editors for all federal states and broadcasters, arts and culture information in all news programs as well as guarantees the existence of in-house productions in all artistic fields Huh. ORF III should be expanded to fully independent arts, culture and information broadcasters and cultural institutions and more closely involved in independent visual program production and reporting.

FP Kickle for Secret Voting

Meanwhile, Herbert Kickl, the leader of the FPO federal party, called for a secret election of the new Director General of the ORF. “It is a fundamental democratic standard that important tasks are chosen in secret,” he justified the APA’s own move. SPÖ “Circle of Friends Leader” Heinz Lederer seeks an agreement with the other “Circle of Friends” of the Board of Trustees on a voluntary secret ballot. (APA)

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