Other than the bloodline? – Morgan vs Rousey at SummerSlam? – Before Titus O’Neill Return? – Montez Ford pushes forward – loss for Nick Khan?

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– It’s possible that The Bloodline will get more additional features in the near future. Internally, there are serious thoughts about bringing NXT player Solo Sequoia to the main roster very soon. Rumors have been swirling about this before, but Sikowa once revealed in an interview that she wanted to earn her spurs in NXT first.

It’s currently unclear if he’s actually planned for a bloodline when he moves to the main roster, but as the Usos’ brother and Roman Reigns’ cousin, doubts are clear. He doesn’t have a specific roster in mind at the moment, but since his family is the double champion in both shows anyway, it will be non-existent.

– For the “WWE SummerSlam” PPV, WWE is currently planning a match between Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, according to Dave Meltzer. A match was originally intended to be a match between Ronda and Charlotte Flair, but the idea seems to have been rejected. It is surprising that a match between Rousey and Flair would certainly be much larger and therefore more appropriate for “SummerSlam” than a match between Rousey and Morgan.

– In an interview with WrestlingINC, Titus O’Neill promised his return soon. The former WWE Raw Tag Team Championship champion has been primarily active as an ambassador for WWE for several years and has not played any matches for the company since November 2020. The 45-year-old, however, is not considering retiring, and revealed that he is already in talks with WWE about returning to the ring. According to O’Neill, there will be a return when the right time comes.

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– As is well known, the Money in the Bank event changed venues a few weeks before the event and with the MGM Grand moved to a much smaller venue, Allegiant Stadium was actually intended for the show. Bad ticket sales were repeatedly cited as the reason, which should especially be a slap on the face of Nick Khan, as he is primarily responsible for the idea of ​​the stadium show as well as Saturday’s PPV.

A source inside WWE said that the move to change venues prior to the Hell in a Cell PPV was a bit hasty, but from the company’s point of view, they had previously thought that a stadium show would sell out on its own, completely independent of booking. Celebration. Secretly, someone even expected that ticket sales would increase sharply and that Allegiant Stadium would also be kept free at the same time, but as is well known, this did not happen. The fact that there was even a big UFC show in the same weekend makes things even more difficult.

At least the new hall sold out in the end, considering that Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton were still out and Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns weren’t even scheduled for the show, which isn’t a bad sign. At least that’s the opinion of WWE officials.

– Street Profits didn’t win the Tag Team title at Money in the Bank, but Montez Ford is in the starting block for a big singles push. As a result, there have been signs of a tag team split over the past few weeks, and the way commentators have been talking about Montez Ford suggests that he is a priority part of the team. In particular, his physical development is said to have influenced many officials and hence gave him a high reputation internally.

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Source: Fightful, Wrestling Inc.

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