“Our country is being destroyed”: “Superman” Trump also mourns in Arizona

"Our country is being destroyed": "Superman" Trump also mourns in Arizona

“Our country will be destroyed”
“Superman” Trump Is Also Crying In Arizona

During a campaign appearance for the Republican primary in Arizona, Donald Trump quickly jumps to his favorite topic: the 2020 election he reportedly won. At the same time, his former deputy is seen only a few kilometers away. He avoids direct attacks.

Former US President Donald Trump and his former deputy Mike Pence continue to compete for influence in the Republican Party. On Friday (local time) former allies, who had become bitter rivals, fought a sort of proxy duel in the primary election campaign here. US state of Arizona, While Trump campaigned for the far-right candidate Kari Lake, Pence held a rally in support of her rival, Karin Taylor Robson.

Kari Lake wants to be the governor of Arizona, under the shadow of Donald “Superman” Trump.

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Both Trump and Pence are said to have presidential candidacy ambitions in 2024. In Arizona, the billionaire fueled this speculation. “Maybe we have to do it again,” he told his supporters, referring to his 2016 election victory and 2020 election defeat, which Trump again claimed he had in fact won. “The election was rigged and stolen and now our country is being systematically destroyed because of it,” he called out to the crowd. To this day, the billionaire refuses to acknowledge his defeat by US President Joe Biden.

Trump asked for loyalty

“We’ll reclaim the Senate. We’ll reclaim America, and above all, in 2024 we’ll reclaim our beautiful, magnificent White House,” Trump insisted, also declining to hold crucial midterm elections in Congress. Governor election with a series. In the Republican primary, Trump, who is very popular with a conservative base, wants to flex his muscles and support candidates who are loyal to him.

Far-right candidate Kari Lek appears to belong to this group. “For the record, I think it’s ‘Superman’ coming back,” she told Trump. “Hopefully he’ll be back soon.”

Since his election, Trump has repeatedly flirted with a new candidacy. In the United States, a person can serve two terms, whether consecutive or not. If elected in two and a half years, Trump will be 78 years old. “The incredible journey we are on has just begun,” Trump said.

“Disappointment since yesterday”

Parts of Republicans want to reverse the billionaire’s influence. Among other things, he fears Trump’s fixation on his defeat in the 2020 presidential election, alleged electoral fraud and the ever-new Revelations on the storm of the Capitol It may harm the party in the next election.

Trump’s former Vice President Pence avoided direct attacks on the billionaire during his appearances in Phoenix and southern Arizona. In his speech, he only praised political achievements during the “four years of the Trump-Pence administration.” However, he later took to Twitter to indirectly criticize Trump’s fixation on the 2020 election. “If the Republican Party allows itself to be consumed by tomorrow’s resentment, we will lose,” he said.

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