People are being monitored more closely: Kim Jong Un tightens his iron grip on North Korea

People are being monitored more closely
Kim Jong Un tightens grip on North Korea

While the United States and South Korea fear North Korea’s next nuclear test, ruler Kim Jong Un is trying to gain even more power in the country’s interior. He calls a special meeting to bring the citizens of the isolated country more in line.

Ruler Kim Jong Un is consolidating his party’s influence on North Korean citizens. State news agency KCNA reported that with the meeting convened for the first time, he seeks to strengthen the “monolithic” leadership role of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) in society as a whole. “The objective of the conference was to achieve organizational and ideological consolidation of the party ranks in all respects.”

The program focused on the “Party Lifestyle” (PLG), a powerful organization that regulates the loyalty of officers and members. According to the US-based Committee on Human Rights (HRNK) in North Korea, the PLG monitors trends and patterns in individual behavior, especially those that may harm the interests of the ruler.

In his remarks at the convention, Kim referred to the PLG as the “vein and nerve cord” that binds party organizations tightly to the Central Committee, KCNA reported. It is the most important basis for the implementation of the party’s ideas and policies. According to the HRNK report, the methods used by the PLG include regular self-criticism sessions in which participants have to admit their wrongdoing and face charges by other members. She is responsible for issuing orders from high-ranking officials and plays a role in selecting candidates to stand for election.

Meanwhile, the United States and South Korea announced on Wednesday that North Korea was preparing for a seventh nuclear test. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has announced “immediate and severe” retaliation in the event of North Korean provocation. In a meeting with senior commanders, he called on the military to build up a “strong defense capability” to defend South Korea, according to the presidential office. Yun took office in May with a promise to take a tough stand on North Korea. North Korea’s last nuclear test was in 2017. Since then, several rounds of talks to denuclearize the country have failed.

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